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I've had my E550 for a couple of months and have really loved it, but just at the end of my trip, it's gone berzerk!! I don't have acess to the manual (left at home of course), so I'm hoping someone out there might have some clue as to what's going on.

In a nutshell, it went from working perfectly to suddenly not being able to show playback of images--just a blank screen (using the playback switch, not the preview of a shot just taken), and now I can't open the pic files from the card or on a computer--there's an error message saying access denied.

For the long version, keep reading--and forgive the long description, but I figure the more info the better chance someone will have of helping...

Background: I'd been driving and keeping it in a little tray/depression under the handbrake for quick access. I'd stop, take a shot, turi it off and put it back in the same spot (screen side UP), drive to the next beautiful spot (this was in Ireland, so every 100m or so!) and repeat. It wasn't knocked around or bumped harshly or anything like that--it was fairly snug in there and wasn't moving around.

But one time when I picked it up it apparently hadn't turned off the last time I thought I'd hit the on/off button--the lens was out. Didn't think anything of it, in fact I thought the batteries had died while it remained on (although I had the power-off setting at 2 minutes), so tried newly charged batteries, but no repsonse--it wouldn't even turn off--the lens stayed out, and the screen was always blank, though the little green light by the viewfinder window was continually on. Tried everything from repeated on/off pushing, batteries out and in, new xD card, different batteries, nothing worked and the lens stayed out/screen blank.

Discovered at some point that it was on the playback setting (I must've switched that during all the button-pushing), but the screen still wasn't on at all--only the little green light continued to be on. At some point after I turned it to record (instead of playback), it seemed to work again-- the live view came back on the screen and I could take pics again with the 2 second preview of the shot on the screen. BUT, I found out I could take a pic, see the instant playback for 2 seconds or so, but can't use the screen to see all the images because it remains blank in playback mode.

A friend with an Olympus put my xD card in her camera and could playback the images, so I figured it was my camera. I also tried other xDs in my camera and they wouldn't playback either, only a sad, dead, blank screen, with possibly a few very very very very faint perpendicular lines you can barely see towards the top right corner, almost like a screen left on with no screensaver for a few months.

Ok, enough rambling. I'd be so grateful if anyone can suggest a fix for this so I can use it for the rest of my holiday!


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