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Default Video out and video CD resolution

Hi all,

I am new here. Anyway I will be purchasing the s5000 soon. It will be my first digital camera. I have already done a bunch of research and think this camera will fit my needs well. (begining photographer wanting to tinker with more advanced photography in the long run.)

I see that most digi cams have a video out to do slide show type presentations on your tv or monitor and the s5000 software comes with video CD software to make and burn video CD's. My question concerns the resolution of the video output and CD images.

Regarding the video output, because this is transfered via a standard composit (RCA) video cable, I would assume the resolution is 640x480, (standard tv resolution). I have a high definition tv capable of a resolution of 1240x1080i or 540p. So are my 3mp images going to get down graded to match the cable limitations? should i just take 1mp pictures if I am only going to view on the tv?

On the video CD can you specify resolution of output? my dvd player will do 540 lines.

And finally, is there any way to get a 2mp image straight to my HDTV from the camera? maybe via the usb conection.

Hope this makes sense. Thanks for your help.
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I think you should take a second look at your strategy. The video out for most cameras is composite PAL (UK) or NTSC for USA. This is a LOW resolution movie mode format since it has been produced inside the camera from hi res RGB down to consumer TV which has horrible interlace, 50/60 hz vertical scan and 625/525 horizontal lines.

If you're seeking quality - avoid this composite format like the plague and even domestic TV as your display device if you are serious. EXCEPT: I have a SVGA to TV out converter which connects to a laptop and can deliver RGB to a consumer TV. I'm afraid these pics are the best quality I'd ever see and knock spots off your NTSC or our PAL!

The second route is display on plasma or lcd in SVGA mode. That will get you to HD or near on stills with a high Mpix camera and gives stunning pic quality (albeit often the wrong aspect ratio!). BUT you're taking the camera files in RGB format and showing them via a pc. If you've never seen the ultimate quality from your camera, then a laptop with hi end graphics, delivering progressive scan to a plasma or lcd via SVGA connector will blow away your dvd on quality - until BlueRay comes out! Take a laptop down the shop and ask to try it out! However, when I played with mine, I felt the unsharpening in PS needed different settings to show the best.

So you want to make photo CD's? If you start with composite out you've already thrown away most of the original image quality. I think I'm right in saying that video CD's are digitally recorded on disc and the output you refer to is the conversion process in the player.

So to get the best quality on a TV from a dvd player, you have to accept the final conversion process (in the player) to the low quality TV standard, but you should transfer images through software and a pc which does not introduce additional conversion of the original RGB image file data, either in the camera or elsewhere, to a lower resolution or analogue format EXCEPT when finally creating the downgraded format or replaying it to TV.

I've never made video CD's, but my advice is to try to do this from the image files via a pc with a decent graphics card and burning software, rather than mess around with the TV out from the camera.

Of course, you can quite simply hook up your camera's TV out to a analogue video recorder and replay pictures off tape. But you did ask about video CD's and digital quality. Hope this helps. VOX
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I found a solution but it is an expensive one. See the following: www.rokulabs.com look at the HD1000 product.
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