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Default What resollution are you shooting with?

I realize it depends on a number of factors. For web publishing, it seems that if you shoot anything over 640x480, the excess pixels arre tossed away.

I find that for the mostly 3 x 5 prints that I make, a 1600x1200, normal setting is quite adequate. Anyone use 2400x1800, Normal? That's a whopping file size, which is OK if you save it to CD-ROM or CD-R/W and then erase it from your Smartmedia card to get more file space.
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I typically use 3M (2048x1536) fine . . . I sometimes use 6M (2832x2128) fine if I think I will crop the image, or 1M (1280x960) fine if I need a high ISO for some reason.

I agree that the higher resolution images consume a lot of storage space . . . a 16 MB card is limited. I usually prefer a dozen high resolution images over a hundred low resolution images ... useally, but not always.

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Default What resollution are you shooting with?

I shoot mostly at 1M, it is quite good for newspaper reproduction most of the time (I shoot in color and convert into grayscale on my computer). It does depend on how many pics I am going to take as I use 64mb smart media and get 101 at 1M. If it is something I know that I am going to print at 5X7 or 8x10 I will shoot at 3M.
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i'm still just playing around with my s602 but it appears i'll be using 3M fine for most of my normal shooting and VGA in video if i can get a good hookup to my telescope.

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Shooting in a higher resolution gives you more creative freedom later on.

I shoot in 3mp fine mode and use the extra pixel space to effectively multiply the 6x zoom by a factor of 3 (18x optical zoom) by cropping down in post editing.

Its also useful for keeping as an archival copy for print outs later on.
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