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springpin Oct 20, 2002 11:08 PM

when i try to put a video on the picture viewer.......
when i try to put a video on the picture viewer, the file comes up as AVI, and a message says that the file is there a way to put the video to mpeg..........finepix 4700zoom....thanx

voxmagna Oct 21, 2002 11:50 AM

Springpin, your question has 2 parts and 2 possible answers!

Have you re-played any .AVI files yet ? Most viewers handle the .JPG and .TIF stills only. If you click on the AVI file, are you opening Windows Media Player? Alternatively, open Windows Media Player first, then open your .AVI file. Your .AVI files might be associated with the wrong software.

The second part of your question involves converting a Windows .AVI file format, in a software programme, to MPEG2 file format, but this assumes your .AVI files are playable and not corrupt in the first place. So, first what's the answer to Q1?

MentorRon Oct 28, 2002 11:15 PM

If you are using FinePix Viewer, and you "select" (highlight) the AVI or WMV thumbnail. it will start playing in a small window above the right hand pane that contains the image information. If you double-click on the thumbnail, it will open a separate window to play the file. On that window the "File" save option will convert it to a WMV format if you do save it (instead of AVI). They seem to be identical in quality. If FinePix Viewer shows the thumbnail as a " ? " instead of an image, the saved file may be irreversably corrupted. You can still attempt to play it by opening Windows Media Player or Real One Player and "Find"ing the file.

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