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Originally Posted by Photo 5 View Post
I keep all of my photos on both a 1.5TGB seagate drive in a netgear storage central device (a 500GB seagate drive in USB enclouser former drive in the Netgear) and also on some form of CD-DVD-DL DVD-Blue Ray Disc. That way of one fails I have the other medium to recover from. Since 2008 I have never lost anything that I could not recover from the other medium. I also swear by Memorex DVDs as I have not had one fail on me since 2008 when I started to use only that brand 9Ok I had few that were bad off the spindle but the ones that won't have never failed on me).


2001 here i think......................................when directx was 4.0 around that era.
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Originally Posted by sprint View Post
I was not asking for a seperate forum for LINUX , and my no1 hobby is testing every LINUX distro ( no RC's) that get's out, to its limits...
Then, you may want to try Mepis 11. The RC I mentioned using yesterday (SimplyMEPIS 11 RC3) is now final.

The final (stable) release just hasn't been announced yet and it's not yet available on most mirrors.

05/05/2011 Update -- the new release has now been officially announced:



You'll find the final (not RC) version of it on the Virginia Tech Mirror now.


Direct link to 32 bit version of Mepis 11:

Direct Link to 64 bit version of Mepis 11:

It should show up on more mirrors later:


The SimplyMEPIS 11 (final) announcement should follow sometime today or tmrw (and it should start showing up on more mirrors later, too).

It's using a Debian Squeeze (current Debian Stable) base, with a KDE 4 desktop with extra apps from other areas (Debian Testing, etc.) included by Warren (the developer) with community help and participation. Warren made a few last minute updates compared to RC3. For example, the final release should be using digiKam 1.9 (although the kipi-plugins may not be installed yet), and VLC versus KMplayer. I'm downloading Mepis 11 Final now

It will require a DVD or USB Flash stick to boot and install from (as it's too big to fit on a CD). I'll be installing it to my desktop and my wife's laptop later today (I'm already running RC3 but I want to go ahead with a clean install of final, just to make sure I don't bring any unwanted baggage from the RC along).

Note that some of the repos you may want to use are not enabled by default (Debian Multimedia repos, Mepis Community repos). But, ti's not much trouble to do that after installing it if you got to the Sources config screen in Synaptic (they're already in /etc/apt/'sources.list, they're just commented out). See more about sources on the wiki page here:

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My main computer has three 500 GB SATA hard drives. All programs ae stored on the C drive. All data and graphics backups are on the D drive, and all original graphics are on the third drive.
In addition, a docking station holds another 500 GB drive and everything is also backed up on it.
Finally, a second water-cooled computer with three hard drives is kept off-line and is used to import files from the docking station and to play games.

Sometimes, I also backup stuff on a DVD disk.
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I also vote for the dvd (memorex).
The hardest part of accepting criticism is realizing I am not perfect.......
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I have stuff stored on dvd as well since............................................. .......................................crap cant remember.
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