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Default Why did Fuji do this ????

Does anybody know why Fuji stopped putting their superb Fuji "Super CCD" sensor in their super zoom bridge cameras ? I think the last Fuji model to have the Super CCD sensor was the S200 EXR. Fuji's Super CCD sensor won lots of awards due to its innovating design. It was also physically larger in size than other CCD or CMOS sensors and as a result produced better resolution, dynamic range, less noise and more saturated color contrast than other CCD or CMOS sensor equipped cameras. One review expert said in reference to the image quality that the Fuji Super CCD sensor in the S200 EXR produced image quality so good that "it was as close as you can get to a DSLR". This sounds to me like they had a winner. Did Fuji stop offering the "Super CCD" sensor because it was too expensive to produce or were they worried that it was too good and would hurt their pro DSLR camera sales ?
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Well, I owned the S100fs,the S200EXR and the HS10- and I now have an X-S1- and whilst they're all good for what the can do as an "all in one"- and certainly compared to the competition- a DSLR with an appropriate lens fitted will easily outstrip any of those mentioned above...
The sensors/processors in DSLR's deliver considerably more dynamic range (especially if you start shooting RAW),more level of fine detail and much better high iso noise control.
Not to mention their superior autofocus speed,write times,shot to shot times etc....

The Bridge camera brigade continue to push forward- with new CMOS sensors,improved high iso noise control,faster AF speeds and write times- not to mention HUGE zooms- but DSLR technology moves forward also- and at the moment,their's still a large gap in the significant areas that matter- not to mention the ability to switch to a bespoke fast prime lens when the need arises.... a trick beyond even a superzoom....!

Non "pro" DSLR users who,for financial reasons, may not want(or are able) to add any other lens beyond your standard "kit" fayre might well consider a bridge camera.
With their "all in one" lens,full complement of shooting modes,video capture and all sorts of other toys,ever improving performance and IQ- maybe it's all the camera he/she may require...

And for the record- the X-S1 is Fuji's best "Bridge" yet....
The AF's improved- as has the write times. Shot to shot speed is fine if you switch off "image review". Build quality's very good,Viewfinder's excellent.
The "Auto" white balance is the best I've seen- by some way...!!
Area's to improve- the image stabiliser is "ok" but some way behind Canon's SX40hs and the Panasonic FZ-150.
Manual focus is getting there- maybe a similar weight/drag to the zoom barrel would help..?
The AF speed,whilst improved- could still improve more.... though I think that maybe the "average" stabiliser isn't helping the AF lock on at times,so maybe that's the AF sorted..!

Getting back to the S200EXR- it was a good camera- an "evolution" of a brave concept,the S100fs- certainly a big heavyweight at the time- and a gamble as to whether the public actually wanted a camera that large.
But no- it was never going to step on the toes of Pro DSLR territory- and it certainly wouldn't have hurt Fuji's sales- as the S5pro was all but done anyway..!!

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loved your input simon, you said it straight up.
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