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Old Jan 26, 2004, 5:18 PM   #71
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Originally Posted by veedee
Yes, I agree, but IMHO there are two categories of users:

1) users who look, read, search for information before they buy

2) users who just buy

1) will always be satisfied, because they did some research, they know how much other cameras in that category (for instance, 10x zoom cameras) cost.

2) will either love it to bits, cause all they needed was "something" (eg. novice users) either complain non-stop about it.

I'm 1). This camera was worth spending 400euros, counting that I sold my old Canon A40 for 300euros. I was going to buy S602, but then I saw that S5000 and S7000 will come out... did a little research, found out that S5k is smaller, has more zoom and it's cheaper than a *BRAND* new S602 (sorry, I'm not into refurbished/second hand too much...I like warranties).
Hey Veedee, I went over and took a look at your photos. There are some damm fine shots there. You have done some fine work with that camera. I also checked out your older Canon A40 shots, and ejoyed them also. I still have my Canon A40, and while it's not the equal a Fuji S5000/7000, it still takes some pretty good shots, and my wife enjoys using it from time to time.
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Old Jan 27, 2004, 5:51 AM   #72
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Thanks Mike. I really appreciate it.

I got tons of unsorted pictures on my hard drive, I'll see if I can upload some newer shots there.

Klyak, why on earth did you downgraded? *RESEARCH* before you buy!!!
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Old Jul 21, 2004, 4:57 AM   #73
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I don't mind the slight noise I see on my S5000 images, I know the camera's not perfect, but neither is it's operator

I would however, love to see Fuji release a firmware update that add's Pictbridge support. I was a bit pissed today when I saw a cheapy Fuji @ Staples that said "PictBridge" on the box. I'm not sure adding this would even be possible, or easy if possible. But from what I understand there are other cameras on the market that had updates that added Pictbridge support. That was the main reason I bought my Sony EX-50 printer. But I ended up returning my Sony W1, and my new S5000 can't link up with my printer, doh hehe.

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Old Jul 22, 2004, 7:14 PM   #74
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veedee wrote:
To be honest, I'm waiting for the next Fuji camera in this category (if there'll ever be one). I'm not going to give away the S5000 for any other camera out there right now. How a camera looks and feels is also important for me.

you hit the nail on the head. I bought the S5000 last week, then returned it for a W1 afterreading a bunch of crummy reviews onit.I didn't need the super zoom. At first I loved the Sony, but it seemed to small in my hands. Then, I bought a tripod, and the W1 looked rediclious on it. So I returned the W1 for another S5000.

Honestly the W1 took better pics, with the auto controls, and the startup time is amazing. I'd think aside from zoom, the pics will always be better, overall, but it boiled down to me not liking the look & feel of the Sony.

the cameras are in different classes. The W1 had decent manual controls, and great image quality. but I love my S5000.
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Old Jul 24, 2004, 7:16 AM   #75
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I have read (speed) through this thread and a lot of people seem to have an issue (like me) with the JPEG compression algorithims that Fuji seem to be using, to maintain a similar filesize between pictures.

I say this because I understand a little about JPEG compression. I know that a complex image with many many colours (randomly) spread accross the picture is harder to compress (to a small file size without loosing picture quality) than an image with fairly uniform colours. This is because the compression groups similar colours, if the image is very diverse it is harder to group these similar colours because similaraties between the pixels are less frequent.

I have tested this theory in Photoshop by saving two images, one with a spectrum of colours and the other with different colour squares on a black background. I saved them as JPEG to the same compression level. One was 30.4KB the other 19.5KB, im sure you can guess which was which.

I carried out a similar test with the camera. I had a photo of a pond and water reflections, very complex images and colours and I took another, specifically for the test, of a painted wall with teddies in the bottom left corner and a mirror in the top right, the majority of the photo was the wall, a uniform colour. The file sezes were within ~5KB of each other, so very similar. I looked at the images at 300%. The picture of the teddies had no noticable compression signs, the noise was uniform and didnt have a blocky appearance over the uniform colours. The image of the pond exhibited signs of heavy JPEG compression, it portrayed the patchwork style blocks over uniform arears of the image and on some leaves you could see abrupt vertial lines.

After this I also downloaded JpgQ to emasure the compression levels od some of my inages and some test images posted by reviewers of the camera. I found the compression varied from 81% to as high as 94%.

So thats my experience of the S5000s horrible picture compression.

How have people been getting on contacting FujiFilm and suggesting/requesting firmware updates to solve some of the more annoying problems?

I should imaging that this compression is 'by design' and therefore does not require a firmware update.

Cheers guys, glad i forund this forum.

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Old Aug 7, 2004, 2:29 PM   #76
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Fuji has just announced the S5100 which seems to address the compression problem by using a 4Mp sensor and adjustable quality (compression). The numbers they quote for the image sizes sound far more reasonable, I can't wait to see some reviews just to see if they have indeed been listening. I am in the lucky situation of not having purchased a larger lensed camera yet so I am still comparing, so far the Kodak DX6490 and the new Fuji S5100 are near the top of my list (limited budget excludes many others) with the Fuji holding a slight edge in handling (identical to S5000) and the jury still out on image quality. The Kodak is also known for sometimes being overly agressive with compression.

Without adding any more fuel to this discussion I have a simple question about the S5000 image quality, is it very noticable in an 8"X10" print?

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Old Aug 15, 2004, 4:27 PM   #77
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I tell you one thing this camera packs some features for under $300 I dont think anyone should complain. Thats just my opinion...
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Old Aug 21, 2004, 8:59 AM   #78
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ok well after reading this lil discussion i have sort of come to the conclusion that it doesn't really matter what camera you use, just as long as you are happy with the pictures it produces, and the fact that you can show us on this forum as well

and for the record i use a S3000 which i am happy with for the moment i will be looking for a upgrade but i'll go on picture quality and not camera brand


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Old Aug 22, 2004, 12:37 PM   #79
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A funny discussion and i want to say my own!
Different people have different needs!

You can look at different things in photography, you can make different use of your camera. It can be portrait or landscape or snapshot of your party or anything else or sometimes everything. It maybe art or not, it have to be fun for you!
There is not an exact science in photography. I've read of pro's that use macro lens for their portait and other that use 270mm, and both result where fine!

I love fuji color and accept other difects (they exist , i cannot hide it, nobody can!) be couse of this.

Compression may be a problem for someone and not for other, if you want to fit more of shots in your memory it can be a plus!

Many, many people follow the megapixel madness, other (few) are happy with 1-2Mpix camera, and we all must admit that sometimes this few make wonderful shots!

The trick is not only what you have in your hand but how you use it! If you feel your Cam is limiting you in someway, it's ok to upgrade to something better but:

1) You should search well to make you shure you are really UPGRADING

2) You should ask yourself if you are really using everything in your Cam and using it well

I must say that i've used an A310 for my journeys (about 6 or 7) this year and i still learning little tricks on how to do better shots, both on the camera and the photographer side.
While i'm limited in many ways (no speed of aperture control) i'm forced to find thing that helped me when i put my hands on better cameras.

But most of all i've learned that a compat size camera will do for me, more than a bigger size, with better zoom, becouse taking it everytime with me is less stress and i can do equally satisfying shot for me.

Now i'm heading to an E series fuji for my next trip, while i'm suggesting to my girlfriend to go for the new s5100, because i think she needs an huge zoom (she catch wonderful portraits of people on the street, well, i must say she's an allround artist!), a precise viewfinder (she really get mad when the shot does not exactly match what is was ment to be!) and she also like to handle a bigger cam. Otherway since she will not do crop i think that 4Mpix will do (well, she would prefer a 400Mpix but we'll deal with this!).

If One model would fit everyone there woould not be so many different model around!

PS: I'm also a player (dont know if a muscian or an artist but offcourse a player!) and i think that you are an artist if you transmit your feelings to someone else with your "job". Anyone can be an artist this have nothing to do with owning a camera, an instrument, a brush, they are only possible veicle of your feelings, a chance of become an artist!
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