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Default Are you thinking of buying an X10?

The Fuji X10 has been a sheer delight.
It's well made , good lens and great colour.

BUT..it has one flaw that is making it unusable in bright sunlight and unacceptable if it's the only camera.
Whenever the sun ( or any bright light source ) is reflected into the camera it is displayed as a solid white disc with sharp edges. RAW or Jpeg , these white discs will appear whenever there is a specular highlight. Quite unlike any other digital camera I've seen.

Currently Fuji appear to be claiming that the behavior is normal but the hope is that a firmware fix might follow.
Just search Google for "X10 white blobs" to get a fuller picture.

I'd hate anyone to buy without evaluating the problem first.
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Default re: Are you thinking of buying an X10?

Probably literally hundreds of posts on the problem at dpreview. Haven't visited Steve's in quite awhile and surprised at how irrelevant it has become since Steve sold out.
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I'm intrigued nippa- could you upload an example pic...?

Just googled it- that is a bit of a problem there...!! Mr Blobby's everywhere...!!
I hope the much anticipated XS-1 doesn't share the same problem..

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Old Nov 30, 2011, 12:01 PM   #4
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I reckon its a slight software 'fault' where the software might increase all highlights and their subsequent refractions to their maximum white or negative value, instead of producing tonality. Quite paradoxical though given that the DR mode aims to KEEP tonal ranges :S

I've always noticed similar 'quirks' with my F300EXR that is artificially boosting contrast to the point of the images looking horrible if left in AUTO mode essentially.

Im sure it can be sorted.

So for me, hopefully a Firmware upgrade will help or cure the problem.

I will most likely still get one, though would like to see a solution to this issue. Apparently some users simply don't have this at all. Intriguing.
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I'm keeping my X10 because it has superb Macro , fabulous colour and more dynamic range than a small camera should
BUT the blob problem is something that needs checking whenever very bright areas appear in the frame. I wouldn't have bought it had I realised that this problem had been ignored by Fuji. ( the blob appeared in pre-release images )

I think that we are all pinning our hopes that the problem is software related but given the new nature of the sensor none of us can be sure until ( if ever ) Fuji makes an announcement.
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