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I have just bitten the bullit on a new S3 with nikon 24-85 lens for little more than the price of an entry-level DSLR...about £750 (uk) and appear to have an awful lot of camera for the money!

I have only had it for a few hours !!...but having graduated from a Contax 35mm via an s7000 (with which I cut my 'digital teeth') I hope I have made a wise choice...especially given the price(?)

It handles suberbly...very intuitive,,,,and I look forward to a serious photo outing soon.

I enjoyed using my s7000 and was reluctant to splash out on on an SLR but it had to be done.

Looking forward to some photography!

Do tell me I've done the right thing:roll:?

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I too just received my S-3 from B & H Photo...wonderful camera. Not as fast as the Nikon D200, but colors are wonderful and Fuji does know about that! Nikon is still having issues with their new CCD and they are not shipping the new 18 to 200 VR Lens due to programing issues...we will wait and see. Enjoy!
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Flo and Ross, Got my S3 a couple weeks ago and love it.

The camera and Nikon 17-35 lens were costly, but the pictures are fantastic. I'll post

one of my daughter posing for the camera in my workroom at home. I thought the

learning curve would be difficult, but that is not so with this light machine. I'm on my

third read of the manual just for good measure. I also plan on getting a Nikon 24-120

for wedding portraits and an SB-800 flash attachment. I think we all got a very good

camera and made the right choice. Let's see what you are getting as results by

posting a couple shots in the near future. Enjoy the camera and one of my online


The Rainbowman,Elliott. Http://www.pbase.com/finepixer
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