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Default Ad-on irewire ports, Mac OS X .2.6 & Fuji shooting softw

Greeting all.
I just wanted to share a piece of info for Mac users, OX X.2 , firewire PCI cards and Fuji S2 shooting shotware. I have a G4 dual Mirror running OS X.2.6. I also have a 6 port Macally firewire PCI card (which has a 48X CD burner, iPod, firewire card reader and 2- 3.5 firewire drives connected) Apple really need more firewire ports on their computers. I installed this card because I didn’t want a daisy chain bus slowdown on one of my built in firewire ports and a Fuji S2 connected to the other built in port. I recently upgrade to the OS X shofttware, when I tried to shoot with software “Camera not connected kept coming up again and again. I rebooted my computer in OS 9 and the software worked without a problem, but when I removed the 6 port firewire PCI card the OS X shooting software worked flawlessly.
I recently bought a new Powerbook G4 with Firewire 800, I had a ti powerbook 667 before this one. It also has 1 built-in firewire port, so I bought a Fireconnect for Notebooks by Adaptec it has 3 firewire ports (also got a power supply for it) This card connects in the side PC slot on the powerbook. This card worked great in OS 9 with the Fuji shooting software in my old Ti 667. the new AL powerbook 1 ghz , with the shooting software yield the same “Camera not connected”. When I removed the FireConnect card the shooting software works great. Fuji shooting software has a problem with Add-on firewire ports in Mac OS X. The camera was connected to the built-in firewire 400 port on each computer.
I hope this info help others with firewire problems ,OS X.2.6 , and Fuji shooting software.
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