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Default Fuji S2 Pro Color Tones - versus - Competitors

I have been spending hour after hour and day after day reviewing the cost range of digital SLR that I am lookin for. I am feeling a need to comment on my perception of "tonal range" between cameras.

Cameras compared: Nikon D100, Fuji S2 Pro and Cannon D60

It appears that many Pros dislike the "hot" tonal range of the S2 Pro compared to the D100 or D60 (The D100 has to be better: it's a higher number, right? Just kidding he he)

I can only answer with my personal opinion and it is somewhat complicated.

To understand, I think there are two perspectives that I consider important. Please, take into account this comparison is irrespective of the composition and many other areas that factor into an overall high-quality photo.

Perspective 1: Is the final image the most desired for the photo from a consumers perspective?

Perspective 2: Is the image most accurate as to the the actual color or tonal range of whatever was photographed?

In regards to P1, I think the majority of consumers prefer the "hot" images". I say this because it appears to be what we are really seeking.

Example 1: A Sunset. Why isn't everyone taking photos of a landscape during mid-day? Because, we constantly look for all those moments that are BRILLIANT or VIBRANT and, in many cases, with a DIVERSE range. We look for those orange/ red/ purple sunsets because we love the colors.

Example 2: Nature. Numerous photos are loved by viewers because of the brilliant colors found in nature: a mallard duck, a parrot, insects, flowers and those every colorfull fish.

There is a point where colors are saturated and/ or the overall image is washed with a red, blue or green; however, I find most "cleanup" artists who "massage" photos with software are encouraged to "brighten" them up to the oint just before saturation.


Ahhh...color accuracy! Where is this really sought? From my experience the NUMERO UNO place accuracy overides "color composition/ artist freedom" (so-to-speak) is where the image MUST match the original INTENDED color. BMW, LEXUS YAMAHA would be greatly upset if the colors in the images didn't exacly match their products and with very good reason! I have spent some time in print shops and it always amazed me just how picky many companies are as to how EXACT and ACCURATE an image MUST be to the original.

In number two, it's just simply the photographer who happens to want a perfect COPY of what was photographed. I certainly don't dissagree with this concept at all.

Now that I discribed the "two perspectives", I still think most people using these cameras are not wanting the perfect COPY but are, in fact. seeking the most brilliantly colored photo they can get. I spent hour after hour in numerous software pakages from Corel to Adobe to Paint Shop to etc. etc. "touching-up" photos. Less than 5% of my time was making them "accurate" it was making them "better than life". I believe most people do prefer the "hot" photos, they may be in their web page or of animals at the zoo or of architecture or their wedding day. I truly believe that if no corrections could be made - they would prefer the S2 (based on the dozens of comparisons and hundreds of photos I have been looking at).

** OF VERY IMPORTANT NOTE ** This quality seems to primarily exist in the S2 JPEG output and NOT the RAW output. Furthermore, all of the quality can be adjusted if the photos are of sufficient quality. I know, in my former position of touching up photos, far less labor would be spent on the "hot" photos because it what they kept asking me to ADD in the first place.

DISCLAIMER - This is my opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of others - especially professional photograhpers
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Take it from a Pro of 30 year and a Photo Gallery Owner, people buy the enhanced prints and leave the others on the wall. The S1 and S2 love sunsets and in High color really enhance what the eye can only start to see.
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