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Default Fuji S2 Problem ( Help )

I need help, and I donít know whatís happening. I just built a underwater housing for my Fuji S2 Pro. I do most of my diving in shallow water where I white balance my cameras. Iím having a problem white balancing the S2. I believe Iím white balancing correctly but the camera is not readjusting itís color. I have a built in white card under my housing that I can swivel out in front of the camera very easily. The instructions say you must place the camera in manual focus. This is not possible at this time for me because I have no control on the barrel of the lens. I believe the reason for placing it in manual is if the camera does not have a focus the shutter will not release and you will not perform the white balance. But this has not been a problem. I place the white card in front of the camera and it takes a few moments to find the focus and I release the shutter and the camera says it has been ( COMPLETE ). Next I take a few pictures and monitor the LCD and the pictures look good. That is, itís difficult to monitor the color on the LCD but it seems to look good. When I review my images back home the pictures have not been white balanced and are all blue green in color. I have dove 5 time and have taken over 400 pictures
and still no change in white balance. I must be doing something wrong but Iím perplexed.
I have had the Nikon 950, 990 and the 5000 cameras in my own housings and they all white balanced better then this. The reason I bought this camera was itís low light ability compared to the consumer cameras. But with out a decent white balance itís useless to me. Please help if you can. Steve do you have any idea, or do you know someone I can contact at Fuji that might be able to help. Thanks so much for any help, I have placed a picture of my housing here.

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Are you white balancing on Cus1 or Cust2 and is your camera set to the matching setting? You can set Cus 1 in the viewer and unless you check to be sure Cus1 is also set in the LCD youmay be only partially setting it. Be sure both match. Don
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Hmm, the problem could be that as the white card is outside the camera in the water, the distortion of colour caused by the water means it isn't properly picked up as white. Though if that is the cause I can't think of any way of getting round it :S
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Shouldn't you be using an 18% grey card? I have heard others suggest this, as, it appears, that white cards (to our eyes) may not be white to the CCD.

You can adjust the color balance (actually color temperature) in the Fuji EX Convertor very easily. This might be a better option, but would require shooting in RAW.

Also, if you are in shallow water (I assume less than 15 ft), then you might just try setting whilte balance to daylight and see what happens.

Hope that helps.
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Yes, I have an S2. NO, I have no idea how to solve your problem but, with the pic's of your gear and what your triying to do try contacting my old shool... http://www.brooks.edu (Brooks Instiute of Photography).

Thay have done many studies about color and water. Perhaps, if you find someone to respond they can help...
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