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Default Have a new S2 and not sure how much RAM I need...

I purchased an S2 and am excited about jumping into it, but my husband doesn't think our computer is updated enough for it.

Can someone help with how much RAM we need if I plan on buying a 1 gig microdrive and would like to shoot at a high enough quality pixel to get 16 x 20 blowups?

What kind of processor do we need? His concern is that it's gonna take forever to download my images on the computer and then for me to use Photoshop Elements to change the images, he thinks it will be too much for our computer.

Could anyone help? I've always shot 35 mm and medium format but have read so much about this camera, I couldn't resist.
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You didn't say what your current computer configuration is. That would be usefull info to give any recommendations.

But basically, the real hog is going to be disk drive space. If you fill up a one gig card you will need over 1 gig of free space on your computer hard drive, just for the transfer. More (maybe much more) for creating TIFF's or JPG's (if you use RAW).

You will need a CD-R, or better yet a DVD-R/RW, for archiving the images. As for ram, the more you have the better. At least 256 MB, but 512 would be even better.

How long it takes to process the images and touch them up, will depend very much on the processor you have in your computer (and the amount of ram).

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actually if your looking to push into 16x20 territory you should think of 1GB for the overhead.
AT is correct let us know your curreng config.
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