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surfworx Sep 17, 2002 4:12 AM

S2: Low Res but Cooking!

Check out my website for heaps of S2 pics.
Here's a sample.


yowsiang Sep 19, 2002 7:59 PM

what lens did you use?
Can i ask what lens do you use?

surfworx Sep 29, 2002 8:41 PM

Sorry for the late reply
I use a Sigma 50-500 F4-6.3 lens, for this shot it was I'd say at 750mm at F6.3 and handheld, so 1/500th shutter speed at ISO 100.
More images at


yowsiang Sep 29, 2002 8:58 PM

wOW.. at 750mm, you could still get rather sharp image, its amazing.. is there a built in stabiliser in the lens?

surfworx Sep 30, 2002 7:36 PM


It is not image stabilised. The lens is heavy, but not impossibly so, I find it quite okay to hand hold, I grip the Lens mount. I would'nt recommend you do it all day, sure you get sore arms then. When I hand hold it, I tend to go for much higher shutter speeds than necessary, which seems to help. It's a bit of a trade-off, but it beats lugging around a camera locked to a tripod all day - it removes spontenaiety.
I figure if I can learn to hand-hold and get good results, then my technique can only improve. To be able to hand-hold a 750mm lens is a neat technique to master in my books, others might prefer less strain and security of tripod.
My preference is still to shoot with tripod where I can, but this way I'm not restricted completely to 5 legs.


yowsiang Sep 30, 2002 7:39 PM

Weight and Book
exactly how heavy is the lens and also did i read correctly that you wrote a book on photography? If so, could you recommend?

surfworx Oct 8, 2002 10:15 PM

Its quite heavy, I don't have scales or the specs handy. I did'nt write a book either, I've nowhere near the expertise.


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