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Default S2 Pro = Studio / JPEG vs. D100 = Landscapes / RAW ??

I am still undecided between the S2 Pro and the D100. Lots of advice seems to say that portarits, skin tones, studio and JPEG shooting is best done with the S2 Pro but that landscapes, general photography and RAW is best done with the D100. What if I want the best of both worlds (have my cake and eat it too)? Which should I choose? HELP!
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The same color that you get in 'studio' and JPG shooting starts in the RAW data. So it would stand to reason that the color will be the same, if not better, using RAW.

As for landscapes and general potography, both cameras are based upon the Nikon N80, so basic handling is the same.

The biggest difference in the two cameras is the superior SuperCCD in the Fuji S2. Combine that with the RAW file format and you have a killer camera.

RAW is ALWAYS superior to JPG. It contains all the information from the CCD and allows for quite a bit of latitude in post processing, if needed.

JPG, on the other hand, is a reduced information format. The data is a lossy compression of the original and is an 8 bit format, rather than the uncompressed RAW file, which is a 12 bit format. (Actually, I think most RAW formats are compressed slightly, but are lossless).

Considering that both cameras have 6MP CCD's and if the S2 is supposedly superior for portraits, skin tones and studio work, then why would it not also be superior for landscapes and general photography?

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