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Me and some friends of mine were having a discussion over the Fujifilm S700.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"We were talking about how it has almost all the same options as most dSLR's out there, it has all of these manual features, but yet, it's pretty small!. In that case however, shouldn't the Fujifilm be tagged as being a dSLR?, maybe a cdSLR. ?
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A lot of camera have similar options no matter what group they fall into, however a dSLR is a digital single lens reflex camera. So this is all about the construction, mechanism etc so all image information, be it viewfinder or taking the exposure are taken through the one lens. A dSLR uses a mirror to reflect the image to the viewfinder and then this is moved out of the way to capture the exposure.

What we have here is a superzoom or now some are calling megazoom. There are other differences apart from construction mainly these will be around AF speed, low light capabilities, response speed, continuous shooting etc etc. Another major difference is that you are stuck with the lens it comes with, sometimes this is and advantage, sometimes not.
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it is of course not sompared to DSLR anyway, but great and useful camera[especially smallest ever Fuji models], which you can get, while carrying-using DSLR is not too practical.
check also Fuji S700 thread http://forums.steves-digicams.com/fo...mp;forum_id=16 , itself.

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I was part of that old Fuji S-700 thread of the past, along with a regular poster on this Forum, the creative Brynx. In fact, I still own that same S-700 camera. Old digital camera instructors never seem to get rid of their cameras.

Sarah Joyce

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I think new categories have to be created for the cameras which fall in the cracks between point & shoot and dslr. The new 4/3 cameras such as Panasonic G1 and GH1 do not have the workings of a slr, but they do have interchangeable lenses which is all that sets them apart from the Fuji S700. That and the price and I would imagine picture quality.
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These are glorified P&S cameras, not to be compared to DSLR's. I have a HS35EXR good at what it does, but not a DSLR, or even close.
Steve Owen.
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