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Default s9600 ... raw file export

Hi guys .... forum noob here ....

Recently got a S9600 (I know its not really a dSLR, but the question really applies to a dSLR type issue - hope you'll forgive me :-) )

I'm generally happy with this camera - been using it mostly with just standard HQ jpeg mode .... but being of a curious nature, I've dabbled a bit with RAW mode. Now I did't get the CD with my used S9600, so I unearthed s7raw to fetch in my .raf files. Seems to work great (many say better than the official raw export util) .... but I'm scratching my head a bit about this :-

The jpegs (highest quality) created by the camera are 3544 x 2616 = 9.1 Mpixel - which corresponds to the stated res of the camera .... fine - makes perfect sense. But fetching in RAW (Fuji .raf) images to s7raw results in images of much higher "res" - 4896 x 3688. Well - looking in a couple of forums seems to indicate this is normal, and is due to the CCD design in some way.

Sooo ..... is there anyone here who could point out (hopefully without delving _too_ far into colourspace theory and the finer points of CCD design :-) ) ...whats happening here ?
If I export these 4896 x 3688 images as tiff, then resize (in my old Photoshop 6) back to about 9Mpixel - am I actually losing any detail ? Would that be about the optimum approach ? Is there any point exporting as 16bit TIFF ? (On the assumption that no specialist post-processing is going to be done on the images).

Thanks for any hints/pointers <g>.
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Default s9600 stuff

Just twigged something .... US-based folk may not recognise this camera model no. .... it seems s9600 is the model no. in Europe for the same camera as is called S9100 in the US .... (why ?) ... and Europe's S9500 is S9000 in the US.
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Here's a related post on another site:


I have the S9100, but not the Finepix raw software, which didn't work with Vista.

I'd like to learn more about using 7sraw. Doing a straight export as a Tiff resulted in a 105 mp file! Don't know the math behind that.

The Fuji raw files are twice the number of the nominal megapixel count, i.e, 18 mb. My understanding is this is because there are two sets of sensors per pixel to provide better light to shadow detail.

This used to get more hype with Fuji cameras, but was not talked about much when I read up on the S9100 prior to buying. I guess one reason is Fuji used to use the extra sensors to improve the resolution (they also used interpolation at one early stage). I don't know why the files are showing a greater image size in raw, but perhaps this has something to do with it.

I guess the main advantage of the extra sensors now is in the greater latitude of the raw files, presuming you work with them in 16 bit mode.

I'm not the expert on this, so if I am mistaken on any point, please correct me.

I tried the s7raw program, and looked at some raw files I had shot and compared them with the jpegs, and I was surprised the sharpness of the raw files was not all that good using S7raw to export tiffs. Maybe I need to find sharpness settings for S7raw that are appropriate for my camera.

I imported the same file using Stepok Raw Importer. The sharpness was better, and improved even more when I set the focus-sharpness to maximum -- there was no over-sharpening that I could see. I also got better color-saturation with Stepok. I made a Tiff and tweaked the sharpness, saturation, etc. a bit more and got a real nice image. The Tiff with Stepok is 32.5 mb, and I think it is an 8 bit file. I don't know if it makes any difference in the end. The Stepok file is also smaller in terms of pixel width and height than the s7raw, 46 by 24 inches at 72 dpi for Stepok.

Given that the Fuji raw files are 16 bit, one could theoretically make 3 files from the same raw file at different EV exposures and merge them through HDR. I wonder what would happen? Or can you get HDR quality from a 16 bit Fuji raw file?

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