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Iassisted ata wedding last night and am not terribly pleased with my results regarding the candids. I was shooting with my S2 in P mode and my SB 28 in TTL mode. I was spot-metering on the subjects faces to make sure that was what was properly exposed. However, many of my shots have the subject's faces severely overexposed and the background still dark.

Could this be due to me recomposing the shot after metering? I held the focus lock button down because I thought that this also locked my exposure. Do I also need to hold down the AE-L/AF-L button at the same time that I am holding the focus button? This feels ergonomically awkward to do this. But this was one of the only things I could think of to explain my results, that somehow the TTL flash was attempting to expose for the background instead of for my subjects' faces.

Also, I had the white balance in Auto. I have only been doing a custom white balance when I am shooting in ambient light. Is this the right way to do things? I have heard that it doesn't matter if you custom white balance if you are using a flash.

Thanks for your advice!

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I know this thread is pretty old and Jeff probably figured out his problem already but I thought I'd respond anyway.

A partial depression of the shutter button only locks the focus, not the exposure. To lock both the exposure and focus use the AF-L/AF-E button. You can also set this button in CSM mode to lock only one or the other.

The only other thing I can think of that might have affected your photos is that the spot meter doesn't seem to be able to meter very low values. A "Lo" in the viewfinder indicates that the light level is too low for the spot meter.

As far as the wb settings are concerened, when the flash is used the camear will ignore any settings except Auto and Custom. I'm not sure what setting the camera reverts to if you use a different selection but I imagine/hope it's Auto.
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