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I wonder how many pictures you can take with a package of battery (NiMh 2000mA).

I can only get 40-80 pictures, when I shout in RAW-formats.

// Conny
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It depends on a few factors, but you should be able to get considerably better than that.

Do you use the LCD to preview every shot? Don't, turn the LCD off.
Do you use continuous AF? Don't, set the camera to single AF.
How long before your camera goes to sleep? Suggest something short, in the range of 1 to 3 minutes.

All of the above will consume power. Setting them as I indicated will conserver battery power. The S2 is very underpowered to begin with, so shutting off as much as possible will conserve power for taking photos. The LCD is especially power hungry.

Next, are you using the CR123's or only the 4 AA's? By not using CR123's, you are off loading their functions onto the AA's, thereby reducing their longevity.

Other possible problem: your AA's are not properly charged. I use 2100 NiMH's and have shot over 800 photos (all raw) on a single charge.

So try this: put fresh CR123's into the camera. Make sure your NiMH's are FULLY charged, then go and shoot to see how many shots you get before exhaustion.

If you use the settings I suggested and you cannot see a big improvement in the longevity of your AA's, then you may have a problem in the electronics of the camera.

Hope that helps.


Oh, another thought: Over what sort of a time period did you take the 40 - 80 shots? NiMH batteries will self discharge if just left sitting around. The camera also puts a continuous drain on the batteries (allbeit a very small one) while they are inside the camera. So over time, the batteries will die of their own accord.

My reference to 800 shots on a single charge, also ment that the photos were taken over a period of a few hours in a single afternoon.
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Hi Declan,

I don´t use the CR123-battery. And I use charger that charge at only one hour. Are the ones that takes longer time better??
Aboutall the other suggestions that you write about decreasing battery-consuming, I have alreadey done.

How much longer do think the battery will be "good" if I use the CR123-battery?

I also tried to use my MB16-batteryholder from my old Nikon F80. As I read about here on this forum.
But I didn´t get i to work properly. First it didin´t work at all, complete "dead". Then I put two small springs in topp of the battery-connection on the MB16. Then the camera works normal until I start the built-in flash. Then I get a message like "Close flash M/V CR123". Do you know anything about this?

// Conny
"from Sweden"
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I usually get 600-900 shots on a set of AA 2000mah with
the CR123's in the camera and 80-100 without. All the
points on saving power by "amazingthailand" are good!
The cr123's will last for 1000s of shots if you don't use
the popup flash.

The 1 hour chargers really need at least 2 hours to full
charge the batteries. The first hour does a blast charge
to the 80-90% level, then it trickle charges to really
fill it up. I'd suggest you charge them over night
and see what you get. You won't need to do that every time,
but this will eliminate the charger lying ;{)

Oh yeah - when you get a new set of batteries, charge them
overnight the first time to "condition" them.

Hope that helps,

Oh yeah - be sure to switch the camera OFF when you are
not using it. Even in auto-sleep mode it drains power from
the 123s. I've had the 123's and the AA go dead because I
left the camera ON in the bag for a while...
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To be able to get all its juice out of those AA 2000 mah, you have to keep its in a good circle during every charge, what I do is buy a flash light use four AA battery and discharge every time after take out of from the camera, when you charge the battery I put the battery on a small fan to keep it cool, if your battery feels warm even get very warm, your battery life is gone already.
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