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The BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH has arrived!

Well...My S2 was in the shop last week for the shutter not opening. It more or less failed due to extensive use. I overnightedit to a great place in CaliforniaI've had my S2 repaired before for a CCD concern last year and had it returned to me overnight.

I get my camera back last week..checked it out...took about 100 images...all was good. (I firstpeer inside with the lens off to make sure the feathers of the shutter opens...it does). Then I get to my out-of-town assignment and NO pic displayed...black, nothing. Shutter opens fine...I can see the CCDrelectingits shine back at me. Irritated..I run out to a local pro-camera store I'm familiar with in the area I'm visiting and they set me up with a quick purchase of a Nikon D50, so I can get out the door.

I get online (now) later and Google "fuji s2pro ccd". A few selections down is this great site I stop by from time-to-time containing input from other parties having the same proplem.

I'll give Fuji a call on Monday morning to see what they can do. My camera wasn't on the original list of those with a CCD problem. So far this will be the 4th time my S2 has been in the shop at almost the cost of the camera in repairs.:evil:

Hopefully, Fuji will have the same respect for me and repair it even if it is out of warranty.



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I know this is old, but thought I'd put in my $0.02.

A friend's > 4 year old Fuji Finepix S2 Pro died with the Black Screen Of Death two years ago. I just sent it to Fuji, got it back 5 work days later fixed, no charge.

So as late as April 2008, Fujifilm is still doing right by its customers.
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