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I just read on Fuji's web site that their new S3 will have the ability to match film. I'm under the impression that this is what White Balance is all about.

Can anyone educate me?

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No, it is something different.

White balance, sets the color balance of the image to daylight, tungsten etc. This in effect should render black as black and white as white.

If the white balance is off, then white will not be white, but blue, red, yellow, green or something other than white.

The 'film look' requires propper white balance first, then a custom curve is applied to the image that alters things like saturation, contrast, tones etc.

This can convert an image to look like a particular type of film would.

Kodak has had this for years on their pro cameras (not sure about the digicams).

It is something you could achieve yourself by using the curves tool in photoshop. They are just doing it in the camera.

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To DBB, I think the best of all in S3 is wider dynamic range to 400%, that means two more stops achieved, this is the first like film. The second is S3 go to 14-bits camera (the first in 35mm DSLR cameras). That means it has 2<super>14</super> = 16,000 gradations from the darkest to the brightest of one color (of RGB). I think if one film (in best condition), taken in right exposure, processed at best, and then scanned in the best 16-bit scanner, may equal to a file taken by a 16-bit camera. If there's one not good enough, maybe the 14-bit file is better.
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