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hi everyone,
im a photographer that currently uses a fuji s2 as my digital solution, when clients dont require digital i have 35mm, 645, 67, 5x4 & 10x8 to choose from. my problem is that i shoot tethered to the computer in the studio so the image can be seen, but the firewire connection has become unstable recently. my question is should i go for a digital mf back or buy another slr of some sort? is there a enough difference in quality and future proofness (?) to warrant the extra cost. any opinions and advice greatly appreciated. regards andy
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Future-proofing is doubtful when you're talking about electronics; at least for that set of electronics that are substantially being worked on / improved. Digital photography is in that set at this time; new backs, bodies, sensors,are being rapidly released by several companies who need to keep selling us these things in order to progress. So in this light, the best bet is to spend as little money as possible that gives you good results (that being subject to your needs / clients / presentation, etc.), and return on investment within a year or two, by which time they probably will have depeciated significantly.

There are many MF digital backs that are out there. Most of these were / are very expensive. The better ones are definitely better than the best DSLRs, but the differences may be subtle, and the price differences not.And both are relatively small markets. The Canon 1Ds / II does take on the MF market. Kodak is another player in this small field. As far as I know, Kodak made the last decent almost affordable MF back, and they discontinued it some time ago (surely because they weren't making enough money on it.) A comparison of the Kodak DCS 645 back and the 1Ds II can be seen here:


The Kodak is still a bit better, but the gap has narrowed. And the Canon does high ISO and portability much better. Getting a significant leap ahead in resolution will cost a lot of money; too much for most.
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