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Hi, I'm new to the forum, and have recently bought a Fuji S2. I would like to use lithiumAA batteries in it, as they are much lighter than both Alkaline and NiMH, and also have a long life. However, it says in the manual "Do not use AA lithium batteries" (page 22). It also says on page 112 "AA- size manganese or lithium batteries cannot be used".

I have actually been using lithium AA batteries in it for the last couple of weeks, not realising what the manual said, and now I am wondering if I've done any damage? They seemed to be working just fine.

I'm also curious to know why they can't be used? They are Energizer 1.5 lithium batteries and the Energizer website says they can be used in digital cameras, and in any application where Alkaline batteries can be used. So what is the problem?

Can anyone out there help me? :?

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I really don't know of any 'damage' from using alkaline or lithium AA's, but the volatge on both of these is higher than NiMH's.

I would think the real reason not to use them would be cost. A good set of NiMH batteries (2000 mAh or higher) will power the camera just fine and last for many years.

I know alkalines cannot power the camera properly, just not enough oomph. They will go dead in very short order when used. Not sure about the Lithiums.

The camera draws a small amount of power , even when OFF, so keeping batteries in the camera will slowly deplete them, even if you do not use the camera.

Personally, I would recommend buying a few sets of good NiMH batteries and a good charger and forget about the Lithiums, except in an emergency.

Oh, if you use the camera a lot, the NiMH's will pay for themselves very quickly. I would also recommend getting the MB-16 battery pack to eliminate the CR123's too. Then you will have an all AA battery powered cammera.

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