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I bid on and won a used S1 pro body on ebay. Can someone advise on what else I will need to get up and running and where to purchase mentioned items.I have other Fuji cameras, butmy DSLR is the Olympus E_500.The Fuji went for just under 200.00, it seemed like a deal....? Thanks. Donna
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The Fuji went for just under 200.00, it seemed like a deal....?
Does it work? ;-)

Thiscamera had a "street price" of around $4,000 when it was first introduced. Of course, techology has advanced a lot since then. But, that doesn't mean it can't take great photos if it's a working camera with no problems.

You'll find a review of your Fuji here that may help with getting acquainted with the menus,etc.


I'd suggest using four high capacity NiMH AA Rechargeable Batteries for the primary batteries.

You'll also needtwo CR123A lithium batteries for it (it needsmultipletypes of batteries to work) for the non-digital part of the camera. I don't know what to expect for battery life. The camera also contains a CR2025 "coin cell" (probably for maintaining date and time, etc.).

For memory cards, it can use either SmartMedia (an obsolete memory card type that's only available in sizes up to 128MB), or CompactFlash (type I or type II). You can have both memory types in the camera at the same time (switching between them).

I'd probably go with CompactFlash media (readily available). I know it supports cards up to 1GB in size. But, I don't know anyone that's tested 2GB cards in it. Chances are, it would not work with cards over 2GB (since these require a 32 Bit FAT). If you shop around, you can find relatively inexpensive CompactFlash media. For example, I recently saw some 1GB Lexar Pro 40X CompactFlash cards for only $19.95 delivered on saleat Outback.com.

Of course, you'll also need a lens (or lenses). This camera is based on the Nikon N60 (a.k.a., F60), an entry level35mm film body, and it uses Nikon F Mount Lenses.

There are some restrictions with the lenses you can use with it though. I also noticed that Uwe said that it would not autofocus with AF-S type lenses (these have a built in "Silent Wave" motor for faster focusing, versus using the motor in the camera body). See the "second opinion" review at the bottom of this page for more details:


You may want to check in the Nikon Lenses Forum here for tips on lenses. Again, make sure you don't buy AF-S type lenses as they won't autofocus (and many of the popular newer lenses are now AF-S).

But, other than AF-S lenses,many modern Nikon F mount Autofocus lenses would probably work. D type lenses would also send distance info to the camera body that it may use for flash metering. Non-Autofocus lenses may have more restrictions.

For getting photos from it to your computer, I'd probably just buy a card reader (you can pick up a USB CompactFlash card reader for around $20 at many electronics and office supply stores).

But, if you want to try hooking it up to a computer directly via a USB cable (if you have one for it), you can probably find the drivers for it here:


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Thanks a million! I will start putting together a kit for this camera. Donna
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