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Taxed Mind Jan 2, 2016 6:44 PM

Happy New Year and a few questions for XT1 owners
Happy New Year to you all, quite quiet here so I hope some X-T1 owner has the time to help me out with some basic questions.

Looking at buying an XT1 with 35mm (50mm equiv) and 18-135mm lenses, but have a quick few questions about things that I am concerned about.

The review for the XT1 here states "The X-T1 does not have a fully Automatic mode like most point-n-shoots." However when I look at the pictures and read the reviews etc, the four variables, Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO and Focus all have an A (Auto?) setting. Surely therefore if all are set to A, then we have a fully automatic camera? This is important if my wife wants to use the camera and I can't quite work out what I have missed or misunderstood.

The WiFi control through smart phone or tablet sounds like a great idea, but the android app has a really low rating. Is this fair for the XT1, or is that for older cameras?

Fujifilm really doesn't have a great selection of flashes available, but the regular online marketplaces have plenty of third party flashes which are "compatible" or work with "all dSLRs". Would these types of flashes do the job properly?

Thanks again for your help guys, it is all greatly appreciated, and good shooting for the rest of the year.

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