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Cheapglass Jan 15, 2015 11:47 AM

Is it me or my X ray vision?

Is owning a Fuji X Series camera some kind privilege and a pass to higher level of being?

There is an X series forum that seems to attract younger people, until recently I found the discussions pleasant and informative. Then I stumbled across a post and discovered users were plucking images off flickr and pasting them on this forum to ridicule and humiliate the person's shot .... omg, I certainly believe in freedom of speech and expression but to strip someone's expression off a wall and then to run :jumping-smiley-004: around waving it and declaring it a piece of s.... ? :dontknow: I draw a line in my sand on that....

Another dedicated forum is as if entering a lions den, you post there and before you can even look at your own just completed will have replies some challenging you, your salvation, and some your understanding to why you even have a life. :confused:

How about you? Negative or positive experiences involving these other places?

Hawgwild Jan 16, 2015 2:51 AM

Life's too short. Go where it's friendly.

Having said that, I have visited such evil forums, but never joined. Why would you?

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