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Default My Photo's

Well I absolutely love my Fujifilm Finepix 2600 Zoom. It's only a 2.1 MP camera, but it does wonders.

Fujifilm FinePix 2600 Zoom Features:

* Simple User-Friendly Design in a Compact body
* 2.0 Effective Mega Pixel (2.1 Million Pixels RGB Color Filter CCD)
* 3X Optical Zoom with 2.5X Digital Zoom
* Feature Fujifilm Advanced Color Technology, which produce better color with more detail
* Capture 20 seconds (no sound) (320 X 240) motion picture at 10 frames/sec
* Internet PC-Camera Capable
* Auto Lens Cover
* 64 Zone TTL Metering, Program AE (Exposure Comp. Available in Manual Mode)
* Auto plus 6 manual selectable White Balance
* 4 modes Flash System (Auto, Red-Reduction, Forced, Off)
* 1.8 inch LCD Monitor
* Optical Range Finder with LCD Monitor
* ISO 100 equivalent

Seven New And Refurbished Found Here

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My Photographs

All of these pictures I took outside my house, or while on vacation that are on my site. They are all done using my camera, FujiFilm FinePix 2600 Zoom in 2.1 Mega-Pixel 1600x1200 (resized) Macro Mode or regular mode.

They are just amazing, I can't believe they came out this good. I took the flower ones in the morning, thus you can see the dew on them. For paying 200$ for the camera it isn't that bad.

Camera Features:

82 Fine 1600x1200 2.1 MP; 159 Normal 1600x1200 2.1 MP; 306 Basic 1600x1200 2.1 MP; 101 1280x960 Fine 1.0 MP; 101 1280x960 Fine 1.0 MP; 497 VGA Normal -- With a 64 MB SD Card.

This is an Alligator resting in the Everglades Park, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
This is a Butterfly sitting on a flower in Butterfly World, Ft. Lauderdale.
Another Butterfly doing the same.
Boy, do these Butterflys like the flowers.
Another Butterfly doing a pose.
Look at the colors on this one.
This one claimed his area.
Hangin' by a flower.
One tries to join the other
The owl butterfly feasting on some bananna's.
A Duck posing outside the entrance of Butterfly World.
A mini spider found in my backyard.
Some food that I made. Looks delicious doesn't it?
A Juicy Grape Fuit.
Mmmm, turkey, cheese and mayo.
A Tiki Pole seen at the Everglades Park.
An object that I found in my grandmother's house.
Funny Guys. .
Some statue frogs in the front of my house.
A little trinket on my cousins Christmas Tree.
My cousins cellphone that he got for Christmas.
My computer's CPU.
A nutcrack that I found at my cousins house.
A Santa Doll.
Another Santa Doll.
Some strings on my 1975 Fender Stratocaster Rosewood.
A picture of a blueflower with morning dew dripping on it.
A nice bright pink flower.
Some pink/lightgreen flowers. Picture was taken in my backyard.
Some white flowers all bunched up together.
Some more dew filled pink flowers.
A weird shaped flower. Not sure what it is though.
Flower found in my front yard.
Some dead fuzzy thing I found in my backyard.
A leaf I found in the woods.
Fuzzy ground eh. . .?
A fuzzy leaf I found in the woods. .I didn't realize it had fuzz on it until I looked at the picture.
My beautiful lawn. .up close that is. .
Some pine needle plants in my front yard.
Mold or mushrooms growing on a dead tree.
Some trees in my front yard. This picture was taken in the late afternoon.
A snowy pine tree in the middle of winter.
A scenic view of Butterfly World.
Into the Butterflys lair we go.
Trees and Flowers everywhere in Butterfly World.
My Grandmother's apartment complex in Tamarac, Florida.
A better view of the place.
Look at those gorgeous palm trees and nice blue sky.
A power plant in Connecticut.
Some buildings in Hartford, Connecticut.
Another building.
Another building, but this time you can see a plane flying above.
Snowing on a winters day in Eastern Massachusetts.
Here is the back view of my other grandmother's apartment in New Rochelle, New York during Christmas 2002.
A nice view of my neighborhood in the spring time.
Flying up above in an airplane, heading to Logon Airport, Boston, Massachusetts.
This is where my dad grew up as a kid. It was in this apartment in the Bronx, New York.
This is the place that my dad use to go to when he was a kid. He use to watch some old men play bachee.
This is the highschool that my dad went to as a kid.
Another Shot
This is a medical building outside my dad's old elementry school friends house.
This is some building in the Bronix behind my dad's elementry school friends house.
This is where my dad went to elementry school as a kid.
Running water from the faucet.
A closer view of the running water.
Got to love those drips. . .
How the hell did I get a shot of that thing?
A sequence of dripping water droplets.
Up close when water is running.
Rocks in my backyard. Soon a shed will be placed on these.
More rocks, except this time there is a dried up pine needle on them.
My iPod


I took these today.

Shower Head Medium Power
Shower Head Full Power[

Please visit my site also . [email protected] http://own4ge.tehhax.com/slugger/SluggersSite/
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