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Got my s6000 last night and had enough time to open the box, pop in the batteries and take a few shots. My son was being a little fussy, so I couldn't play with the camera for too long.

My xD card is also arriving tomorrow, so only had 6 shots at a time... probably good to keep my attention elsewhere.

First: The s6000 in real life has A LOT of options for shooting pictures. If anyone says that a dSLR gives you move control, I would disagree. There are about half a dozen different modes that I, an amateur, understand and can use for taking pictures. It's really crazy.

Second: the camera feels and handles great.

Third: Very bright flash - it will be excellent for indoor shots.

Fourth: Face Detection works great!! It always caught my son's face.

Fifth: The fuji is designed to help you take a great picutre of your friends/family. All of the modes are dedicated to capturing the moment. I'd go so far as to say it kind of holds your hand so you don't have to learn all tricks and techniques that the pros know. This is pure genius! I'm very impressed with their philosophy and execution.


One of my main concerns in buying the camera was that I could hand it to my wife
and she could take many good shots. Well by her account the one picture she took of me was the best picture she ever took. No flash, 1 incandescent bulb in the room. It was grainy, sure, but good enough for a 4x6.

After 5 years with the Canon, which is no slouch, and her first pic on the s6000 was brilliant. Can you ask for more??

This weekend I hope to have ample time to put the camera through its paces.
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Thanks for your thoughts on this camera - I've been considering it for a while now.
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I was amazed with the flash when coupled with a higher ISO. I took two shots in my apartment at the same ISO, one with flash and one without. The flash was able to reach all the way across apartment and light up the target (clock), which was 35 feet away. Trying the shot with my Ricoh R4 failed miserably, the flash had no reach at all. I'm very happy with the flash performance!
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