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I just purchased an F30 and am very excited to get it. My question is regarding whether I can go with some "standard" manual settings to get better photos. I have read that in outdoor conditions I can easily set the EV to -1/3 for better results. Should I set the ISO to 100? Can I use this setting as a generality for all my outdoor photos? Also, indoors. Reset the EV to 0? Then use a higher ISO? What is a good standard for indoor pictures? Thanks for your suggestions. Once I learn more about these functions, I'm sure I will understand more, I am just looking for a good place to start.

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It's my understanding that in auto mode the camera will set the shutter at 1/60th, set the ISO at 100, then open the aperture to get enough light. If it can't get enough light, it uses the next highest ISO and tries again. It keeps doing this until it gets to ISO 800 (or ISO 1600 if the flash is disabled). If it still can't get enough light, it slows the shutter.

I don't think there's much you can do to improve on that by default. Setting -EV for bright outdoor shots is reasonable, and if you had a tripod or a steady hand and a slow subject you can turn down the shutter. A simple thing to do would be flip it to manual and set auto ISO to 400 max auto, or just manually setting the ISO lower and see if the shots are coming out well.

I'd like to know how portrait mode works. In a pretty dark room, I can shoot the same picture in auto mode and it'll be ISO 800, then shoot it in portrait mode and it'll be ISO 400, but both shots will have the same shutter and aperture. When it focuses, it seems to gain up the picture right before it takes it in portrait mode, so maybe it's setting +EV?

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When I got mine, I had read one review which said it consistently overexposed by at least 2/3 EV. I went and took some pictures in the bright sunlight, at the beach. I figured I was being smart using -2/3 EV. Everything turned out badly underexposed.

I quickly learned that mine is getting it right most of the time without any EV compensation. In mid day sun, from maybe 10 AM-2 PM, it is often better to use -1/3 EV (if using multi-metering).

But, I wouldn't mess too much with anything at first. See what results you get, and then decide if you need to adjust something.

Maybe try it just in auto mode first. In auto mode you can't change ISO or use EV compensation.

If you want a bit more control, try "M" mode on the dial. In this I like to set ISO to AUTO(400). I always keep auto focus on "center", because then you can use AF/AE lock when you want to focus on something not in the center of the frame. That is, you can point it at what you want to focus and expose, half press the shutter, then frame the shot before pressing the shutter.

And it's probably simplest to leave the photometry setting on the default multi metering, but I prefer spot metering. I'm sure multi metering and multi focus normally do a good job of guessing what in the frame is important to focus on and expose, but I prefer to take the guesswork out of it.

For indoors, I often use the flash with a higher ISO, like 400 or 800 (to expose more background). You normally won't want to go past 800 unless you really need to. And again, you might just try it on auto first.

And if you are pointing it at something 2 feet away and it won't focus, it's because you need to use macro mode then (the flower button).

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Thanks for the help and advice. I will certainly try all you have suggested.

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