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Well unfortunately I goofed and brough the wrong images to work, but here are a few full size image for you to peruse. I think that Firefox has some wonky jpg rendering engine, so if you want to really look at the picutures, download the fullsize to your desktop and use a good application from there.


(I think all the EXIF info is there, so if you have any technical questions about any of the shots, feel free to ask...)

I am still awed by the S6000. Honestly, I haven't used many modes besides AUTO because there has been no real need so far.
A few observations:
  • Just about all photos (in auto) default to ISO 200[/*]
  • The skeleton photo was taken in a dark corner, through glass, at ISO 800 and looks amazing. This will make a fine 5x7 print.[/*]
  • Face Detection is great if you like to take pictures of people. I know that sounds dumb, but so many people on the forums take pictures of things other than people, this probably only appeals to a slim number of camera buyers.[/*]
  • The best feature has to be the mechanical zoom. ALL P&S cameras (that I know of) let you zoom with a toggle switch - the switch is only so fast and so accurate. The S6000 lets you zoom by twisting a ring around the lens, in the same way SLRs lenses zoom in and out. The creative control you gain when the camera zooms mechanically is a huge leap from the toggle switch.[/*]
Two drawbacks:
  • It's a big camera. If you're used to a P&S, going to an SLR-body means that you can't just slip the camera in your pocket or bag, and you have to be careful about bumping the camera around.[/*]
  • Greens are a bit too vivid (NOT in chrome mode) taken outside. There are so many variables tho, I can't lay blame.[/*]
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