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i need a better camera for low light conditions as i usually take club photos and from what ive read nothing beats the f30/f10 series. checking out newegg they have it for $195.99 after rebate plus a free olympus 512MB xd card (thank you f31!). i plan on getting a 2gb card but ive read some xd h/m and olympus horror stories. anyone have a f30 with an OLYMPUS 2GB xD-Picture Flash Card Model 202027? or can recommend a known working xd card brand/model.

also any word on 2gb+ xd cards, 4gb or 8gb? planning on still using my casio z750 for mpeg-4 video as i would fill up the 2gb xd card on the f30 very very quickly!

link to my photos/videos on my current casio z750 http://www.myspace.com/rizo83
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As long as you're not using the F30 for video, why not consider getting a few more 512 MB cards? Even if you shoot everything in the 6 MP Fine Mode, you can get 170 pics on a 512. You already have one, so if you buy 3 more, you have 2 GB of storage. If your single 2 GB card craps out on you, you stand to lose a lot of pictures. With a number of smaller cards, you have backup.

Just a thought....

the Hun

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I think I would have a greater chance losing one of the 512MB cards in a club or just out and about than a single card already in the camera. Anyway found a Fuji 2GB xd card locally so I think I'll purchase that instead of the Olympus.
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Newegg has the F30 listed as "Out of Stock". Amazon had it for $252, but today it was up to $265. Buydig/Beach Camera are around $251. Deduct $50 from all thse prices.

PS: As of Nov. 26, Newegg was saying it was expected back Dec. 1.
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I had a problem with a 1GB Olympus xD card: my card reader could not download the pics reliably and only download or read the first three then an error message " media not detected" or something to that effect would pop up.

I then bought a 2GB Fujifilm xD card. Odd as it may seem, the card reader can read the Fujifilm. And I can even do a cut and paste from the xD card to the PC.


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