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Hi there,

I'm pretty new to digital cameras & I just purchased a f30 - having a great time playing around with it - and I'm going to get the xd card now.

Does anyone here know if 1 gig olympus xd cards are ok to use on this camera?Is this just the brand of the xd card or does it indicate that it is only compatable with olympus cameras?Or should I get a 1 gig fuji xd card? ( I want the olympus cause I found it for a lower price)

Also, I read in a forum somewhere that you could get a magnetic add-on telephoto for the f30. Has anybody used one of these? Does fuji produce these, and where can you get them?


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xD's are xD's...brand doesn't matter. At one time, both the Fuji and Oly xD cards were made by Samsung. I don't know if that is still true. There have been some recent posts identifying issues with Oly cards in Fuji cams. I have used Oly cards in my Fuji without incident.

I thought you were kidding about the magnetic telephoto...a magnet that sticks to plastic or aluminum? However, if you do an online search for them, there are quite a few out there. Apparently, you fit a ring around the lens, and the telephoto sticks to it with a magnet. Are they any good? Your guess is as good as mine. Circuit City has a Sunpak for $29.99. 42nd St. Photo has an un-named brand for $99.99...caveat emptor.

the Hun

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Just do a price search using www.pricegrabber.com or www.shopping.com to find the lowest price. As Rinnie has told you XD cards are XD cards, the brand does not matter.

I am pretty much against add-on lenses. The quality is far too variable, and the results are usually less that you had hoped for when you began looking for one. That is why I shoot with both the F-30 and the S-6000fd. I select the camera based on the photo situation. However, I must be honest with you, and tell you, that I have found myself using the S-6000fd much more than the F-30, because it a much more flexible camera.


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mtclimber wrote:

Just do a price search using http://www.pricegrabber.com or http://www.shopping.com to find the lowest price.
Or, even better, use one of these two links for price comparisons, as they help to support this site. ;-)



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