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Hi. I am new to DSLR. I just got my stuff. Photo Studio and Fuji S1 Pro

I know it has the feature to customize the white balance but i dont know how.
I can take it to the WB option. Under the White Ballance, i pick custom. Now from Custom, how do i set the white ballance to" -1" or others. Any help is appreciated a lot.
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I'm sure others will correct me if I am wrong, as I am not a DSLR owner, but I have never heard of white balance is terms of "-1". Usually, to set white balance you focus the camera on a white card or piece of paper, and that will help the camera adjust to unusual lighting conditions.

Exposure compensation (EV) can be quantified in terms of "1" or "-1", and is often done in steps of 1/3. So, as an expample, you can have EV settings of -2, -1 2/3, -1 1/3, -1, -2/3, -1/3, 0, +1/3, +2/3, +1, +1 1/3, +1 2/3, +2.
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I hopeno one is laughing:d. Remember i said i was rookie. There u go.
Thats probably what happend . No one comes with it. We all learn so it was good i asked. Its confusing though. But i am picking it up little by little.
This setting i am out to post is what got me into this. I saw this portrait shot at PBase which was shot with the Fuji s1, and it was great shot and i tried to copy the '[glow=navy]exif[/glow]' Which was like this:

Full EXIF Info

Date/Time: 28-Jul-2004 13:08:54

Make: FujiFilm

Model: FinePixS1Pro

Flash Used: No

Focal Length: 35 mm

Exposure Time: 1/108 sec

Aperture: f/13.4

ISO Equivalent: 320

Exposure Bias

White Balance: (-1)

Metering Mode: center weighted (2)

JPEG Quality: (6)

Exposure Program: manual (1)

Focus Distance

See how the White Balance is (-1)
And Manual (1)
and Center weighted (2)

These numbers were driving me crazy and i was trying to figure them out on how to set it like that.
Still havent figure out them yet but my photos are improving. I would for sure love to understand though.

So any ways there is the picture i was trying to not copy, but just see if i could get something even 20 percent close since ihave the proper equipment.

Link of the image were i got that crazy idea of '(-1)'


Thanks a lot. Your tip got me to understand thesteps needto be taken, but still strugling to get it completely.

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Actually some cameras do have white balance compensation or white balance fine tuning with +- steps like that, but I don't think that's what this is. Sometimes in the exif data they use numbers to label each mode. So for metering you might have multi (1), center weighted (2), or average (3). For white balance, -1 probably just means it was a custom white balance. They would probably use 1,2,3,etc. to label the presets if they were used.

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Yes. I think it does have white balance compensation. But you also right. I think its just to label them. Because they all use the same number. Like they would use (1) for Manual, (2) for Nite mode etc..

What about the 'Exposure Bias' though, what is that?

and is there way to find out the EXIF Info or you just memerize it each feature you use?
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