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For those who are interested, the price of the S9100 has just dropped at B&H Photo to only $399.95 ... jZ
That's hot.

Oops, do I have to pay Paris Hilton a royalty?
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Don't worry, she isn't smart enough to even spell "royalty" ...
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Hi all I'm new here.
this subject is close to me becuase I am concidering the 9100 as my first digicam

I currently shoot on film with nikon equiptment that is 20 to 40 years old. All of my lenses are manual focus and will only meter couple with the more expencive Dslr's wich I simply cant efford. Nor will I be able to buy more lenes for some time. The only use I see at all for my current lenses would be low light shooting.

For this reason I think the 9100 is the way to go. I am not lieky to ever make print large that 8x10. Hardly ever did that when I worked in a studio.

But I do have two consens. First I like the movible LCD for some things but I am concerned with viewfinder black out for more rapid shooting. (no sports just kids etc.)
second I love my 17mm lense for my nikons. I know you can get wide angle AUX. lenses ( for much less than an altra wide fo a Dslr) but I'm consened about vinyetting.

Any thoughts
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try to find a used s7000:

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[align=left]I have the s5200 but wanted more punch so I read everything online and got the s9100 in March. I paid 389.00 including shipping.

I made 16x20 prints on canvas with the 5200 and have also done a few with the s9100.
Being new to digital over 5 mgs I was looking for a much better 16x20 but did not see a great improvement, the noise and grain is about the same in low light. So I just run them all through photoshop but without photoshop I would just sell the car and buy a DSLR.
[/align][align=left]Being realistic I think the s9200 is a lot of camera for the money. Try buying a a mid range 28 to 300 macro zoom lens for a DSLR. I decided to keep the car.

I got a monopod and I think this may be the question to the answer of the noise in low light.
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