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I have some questions regarding the S9000's live ("quick") histogram function in manual exposure mode.

In shutter-priority or aperture-priority mode, the histogram displays a graph which can be shifted left or right by selecting an exposure compensation value, which is what I expect.

However, in manual mode, for a given scene, the live histogram function always displays the same graph, regardless of aperture and shutter speed settings. This histogram is actually identical to the one displayed in shutter-priority or aperture-priority mode (with no exposure compensation selected).

This leads me to believe that the live histogram displayed in manual mode is still actually based on the camera's automatic metering system and not on the actually selected shutter speed/aperture combination.

Questions :

1- Am I correct in my assumption ?

2- Do live histograms normally work this way on Fuji digicams and/or in digicams in general ?

3- If this is typically the way things are supposed to work, what is the point of having a live histogram in manual mode ?


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