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I agree with everything that has been said. Every camera behaves a little differently, exposes a little differently, etc.. But, really, until something is introduced that is revolutionary (whatever that might be) the difference in images is so marginal that it just isn't worth all the worry, all the comparison, all the fretting over whether the camera is bad. It just isn't worth it. There probably wasn't anything wrong with your old camera. Marketing hype by Fuji (this time) convinced you that the camera would produce superior images. The new camera does the job it was designed to do. But I don't think any camera on the market meets the claims of all the company advertising. The pictures aren't bad. They just aren't noticeably better. And as long as you stay with a camera with the same relative number of pixels and the same size sensor, etc., you're going to get about the same quality pictures from any of the cameras. Yes, you can pixel peep. And maybe if you have a good enough monitor you can convince yourself that one camera produces a better image than another. But for the average person who just wants to look at the pictures, there isn't enough difference to even talk about. IN MY OPINION.
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Hi Bud1880try taking in RAW and post process the pic. It makes a whole lot of difference, dont know if the long time between shots and file size is worth it. :-)But for pictures you wish to keep , do it in RAW, it willmake the jpg artifactsto a minimum and more uniform not in blotches likethe ones straight out from the cam.

Hi flippedgazelle, hope you dont mind..how'd you resize the pic?

Moving forward, after taking more than a hundred pics with the cam , i think for the money its a great deal...the next logical thing is to buy a dslr in a year or two if i do intend to spend more money in photography but for now im happy with the pictures i get, just needed to know that others experience the same image quality from jpeg that i get. The term 'excellent pictures at iso100' from reviews wasn't what i honestly expected the image quality to be.

Thank you all for sharing your experience and thoughts about the cameras...and the links too... here's another link which shows the capability of this camera...



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