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Just got the camera last night, it finally arrived. Man am I glad I exchanged for this one. (for people who didn't read my other thread, I had a Canon S3, and just wasn't satisfied so exchanged it for the Fuji S6000fd)

I posted this also on another forum...

When I got home last night, the order was there waiting for me, I opened it up and played with it quite a bit. I know this camera wouldn't impress everyone who has really nice expensive setups, but man, I'm blown away by it. Not that the S3 was bad, but this camera is lightyears ahead.

* The manual zoom is awesome
* The manual focus ring is also awesome, I can acutally use manual focus easily now.
* I did some test shots and the pic quality is really very nice
* ISO 800 is better than ISO 200 was on the S3, it's actually usable for smaller size photos. ISO 400 is great!
* It's not super heavy, but has some weight. I like that. Easy to hold and use.
* The LCD is much bigger and bright. Even the viewfinder is really crisp and bright and usable.
* There is of course some shutter lag if you have the flash on and let it focus, but it's much less than I'm used to so I can easily live with that. If I manual focus and don't use a flash, it snaps the pics right quick.

Now I'm very happy with my purchase. I can't believe it was only 340.00.... more than worth that price. To beat it, one would have to go DSLR at 1000+ (for zoom + macro + camera body)

Thanks for all the help on this forum (users and Steve's great reviews)


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