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Default finepix 3800 software question

I'm considering the finepix 3800 but I have concerns about the software which has QuickView bundled. According to the owners manuel, they use QuickView as their upload device.

My concerns are:

1. I don't want to use QuickView as the program which opens my jpegs for viewing. I'm happy with Netscape for this, and my prefs are so set.
2. I don't want QuickView to automatically reset my prefs and 'take over' as the default jpeg viewer.

My questions are:

1. Does the software CD provide for any options to NOT install any part (QuickView) or is it a 'start...zip through... and finish' operation?
2. If QuickView is NOT separable from the rest of the software, will it assume the default position?
3. Is there any workaround to this? Any other way for the 3800's software to recognize an alternate way of uploading?
IS there any alternate upload program?

I NEED help on this, gang. Thanks.
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You don't need any of the Fuji software utilities, as long as your camera pops up as a remote drive, just use Explorer to copy files from camera to HD.

If you are running Win2K or 98SE you might possibly need to find a driver on the Fuji disc to get the USB interface to work - but that's about it. I ditched the Fuji software a week after getting my 602.

If you plug in the camera to your usb port, it should cause a re-scan and your pc will look for a driver, sometimes you have to power off then on with the camera attached. Just don't bung in the CD with auto insert enabled and let it install everything Fujiwise.
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Default FinePix 3800 software

Way Cool, Vox.

So I don't need to install ANY of their CD, right?

I just plug in the USB cable on both ends and wait for my computer to recognize the 'stranger', then tell it what to do?

I'm using W98SE and I note on the Fujifilm homepage that they have a link to DL software, probably drivers, as well.

Thanks a bunch.
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