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I've bought a Fuji S602 recently.

I've put a 1Gb card into it. When I switch to movie mode the screen shows something like 870 seconds of movietime available. However, when I start shooting , it gets to about 29 or 30 seconds then displays '! Busy..' , stops, and returns to Standby.

The 30 second piece of film is recorded Ok, and playable.

I looked up 'Busy' in the manual, and its says under Warning Displays...

" ! Busy -- The timing for recording was incorrect because the media was formatted on a computer. Remedy - Use a media that formatted on the camera. "

Well, the memory card is new, I haven't formatted it from a PC, and it's only been used to take some shots with the camera. I've reformatted it in the camera and the result is still 'Busy'. I have another similar card, brand new 1Gb, which I've just tried and its the same.

Anyone recognise this problem... ?
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According to the Fuji compatibility chart, it doesn't appear that a 1GB card is compatible with your camera.


the Hun

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Thanks for that.

ThatFuji link seems to me to say that 340Mb - 1Gb Microdrives are Ok. And that DPC-CF ( adapter to carry XD cards) is not. There doesn't seem to be a mention of CF Compactflash which is what I've got.

The S602 is commonly sold as suitable for Smartmedia and Compactflash up to 1Gb. And looking on the good feedback sellers of memory cards on eBay, the s602 appears as suitable for 1gb Compactflash cards.

Has anyone encountered this problem also ?

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