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Hello, have someone ever noticed this? There's two quality setting for recording 5 megapixels images. They are 5N and 5F as in"normal" and "fine". The first gives roughly 1.5 mo files while the other around 2.3. I looked, watched and stared carefully, maximized the photos but don't see any visible difference. There must be something there. can someone help me on this one. Manual don't say a thing but "umbers of pixels recorded". An S5200 is 5.1 megapixels. I wonder how it could record more than 5.1 megapixels. Help please. Thanks. Germain. :?
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The difference is in the amount of JPEG compression that the camera applies to the images. Depending on the amount of detail in the picture you may not be able to discern much difference between the two settings but as JPEG is a 'lossy' compression you will lose more detail the more aggressively the picture is compressed. What you may see are more JPEG artefacts in the 5N pictures. Given the now relatively low prices of memory cards I would always advise shooting in the F(ine) setting.
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A lot of people have noticed, and there have been numerous threads in these forums about this. Your camera utilizes JPEG compression to reduce the size of the pictures for storage. Basically, what this does is it throws away a portion of your pictures that the camera's processor feels is not needed. The 'Fine' mode uses less compression than the 'Normal' mode. Therefore, the resultant file size of the 'Fine' pics is larger. Try taking a shot in RAW...the file size will probably be around 10 MB per pic. This is because RAW does not utilize any compression. Don't confuse megapixels with megabytes.

You probably won't be able to see any difference between Fine and Normal pics in a side by side comparison. However, if you do any post processing on your pics, such as sharpening, resizing, cropping, etc., you will begin to see your picture quality degrade. This is because every time you save a JPEG, you lose quality. If you plan on post processing any of your pics, or you plan on enlarging them during printing, use the Fine mode, because it has more data in the file to begin with.

Here's a tutorial on JPEG...


Hope that helps.

the Hun

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