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Ok,lets start with the LCD and no protection.

as soon as i have the camera in my hands boom my finger prints all over the lcd.

i wear my camera around my neck 99 % of the time because it right there and redy to snap pics instanly for me,and take it with me every time i go out.

because i wear it around my neck and the strap being rather long(shortened it as far as it will go) it rubs against my front of my body and moves around alot as i move.

now this being hazerdous when i,m wearing a jacket with a zipper,or nything with buttons etc.

went to my nearest store to buy something to protect the LCD.

bought the only thing they had,Universal Screen Protectors ment for Digital Camera LCD,s.

these are the ones you cut to fit and peel off the backing and they stick to yuor LCD.

they had nothing else and having had the very same protector on my Canon digi cam when i bought it for 5 years which i never removed to this day,i felt safe enough to apply one of which i bought last night.

the pack comes with 4,screen prtectors,a pack of wet/dry wipe to clean the lcd first,and a squeegy thingy to smooth out any trapped air after aplpling the protecdtor. the protectors you cut to fit the size of your LCD,i will get 8 out of mine,price was $7.99 + tax,not bad.

now i feel protected with my LCD,and don,t worry constantly about it getting scratched and the constant cleaning of the LCD.

Speaking of Cleanig.

I also asked for something to clean the LCD on the camera,they showed me a bottle of stuff called Monster ScreenClean.

they exspained to me that its good for all Digital Camera LCD,s and lenses as well as PC LCD monitors and LCD tv,s

they swear by it,said it was top of the line,the best you can buy,and 100 % safe. They told me they wouln,t use anything else when they clean all their electronics with any type of LCD.

the company even guarentees the product and stands by it,meanig if this product should possibly cause any harm or damage to your product they will replace your product.

costly it is though, $29.99 + tax for a 200ml bottle,also has a micrfiber cloth comes with it.

anyways this is what i picked up to care for my camera.

any suggestions you have on what to use,or tell us what your using would be nice.

PS,the microfiber cloth,wash-able? and in what,just water,or soap n water?ect
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Good Morning CoolD-

That is good that you have gotten a LCD screen protector for yourself. The microfibre cloth can be cleaned with soap and water and be sure to rinse it out very well.

Sarah Joyce
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Now that's what i need to get - an LCD screen protector.
When i'm down in town at my local camera store retailer i will enquire about them.
Was it difficult to cut to size and install?
So you pretty much take your camera everywhere you go?
That's dedicated, i usually only take mine out when i plan to snap photos or there is a special event. What i wouldn't mind doing is buying a cheap pocket size model that i can keep in my pocket or bag all the time to capture spontaineous shots and other times when you would love to take a photo but forget to bring your camera.
Like for instance, last week, me and my sister went to a party, and we decided to take her Cybershot because it is nice and small to carry around and easier for quick snaps. I find the the S5700 to big to lug around with everywhere i go.
Then again, i am all for practicality and prefer to travel lightlyv so unless i plan on taking photos, it stays at home.

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no, the LCD Protector was very easy to cut to size.

It has pre-marked sizes on the back of each one for diff size LCD,s. I just eyeballed mine up and cut it,fit perfect.

and yes indeed i take mine every time i leave the house,i adore taking spontaineous shots.

went to a local garden party tonight,met a few freinds,n of course you nkow i was snapping away with the camera.
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I purchased today at wally world a device that attaches over the LCD; it is better than the film protector since it is an special device that not only protects the LCD, but also acts like a sun screen or hood. It is one of the best gizmos I've purchased lately! There were 2 sizes: 2.5" and 3"...I bought the 2.5 one for my Fuji S700. Great for me since I rarely use the lcd. The device now looks like if it is part of the camera; if i want to access the lcd I only need to lift a door that stays up and releases 2 lateral tabs (forming a "dark box" behind the camera that is also great to use the LCD under bright sunlight). OnceIam finished, I push the 2 laterla tabs, get the "door' down and the LCD is totalley protected, and the camera looks like there is no LCD. A bargain at $9.98!
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I never attached the strap to my S700. I used to carry it in my hand it fit so well. Now I have a Lowpro slingback bag which fits the bill perfectly for the camera and everything you can attach to it. The stick on plastic film is so bad for static I found it impossible to affix it without some kind of dust, dandruff, dirt of some kind which caused large bubble. I am interested in the LCD hood though. That sounds like it might be very good. I dont use the LCD screen unless Im shooting overhead or in some way that I need to see from a distance. Otherwise I normally use the viewfinder. Is Wally World another name for Wall Mart? We have those in Canada.
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YES, that is the place.

I'm still amazed that I solved such a big problem for under $10.00. And it looks real elegant too!
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