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Default S5000 or Oly C-750

I am trying to decide between the S5000 & the C-750. Does anyone have experiences with both cams?
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Default I'm getting the oly c-750

I currently own the Fuji S602, and I really like, but...

The C-750 is 4MP; the S5000 is 3MP. Both have 10X optical lens and many features. The Oly (I think) has a way to set the focus manually by deistance, the S602 doesn't do that so I doubt the S5000 can. Also, the Oly sequantially numbers the photographs, even after you clear the card; the S602 doesn't and I don't know if the S5000 does.

I think the S5000 can take a faster picture and has highe ISO settings. the Oly is much smaller.

Hope this helps.

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IMHO the 500 will be market failure ... it is neither a yin nor yang camera. The 750 is so much smalle rit is too hard to ignore.
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Default fiji 5000 vs 750

I've researched every 8x-12x there is on every web site i can find and ruled out the 740 and 750. Look at DP review and megapixel reviews. Oly has no AF, poor performance in low light. beats me how all these manufacturers can sell cameras that can't focus in low light or no manual focus. I like the 5000 because of the AF. My only concern is the 2 sec min shutter. What do you think

I'm also considering new HP945
Fred from MI
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Default Camera Comparisons

I'm still leaning towards the C-750 myself. The AF Assist on the S5000, according to DCResource, doesn't do much. I'm also awaiting reviews on the Kodak DX6490 and the HP 945.

I've started a little comparison page at:


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Please check




Unfortunatly, Kodak DX6490 is bad
Why? Here's why:
- can not put any other objective/lense/filter in front of it (?!?) that's really bad....
- proprietary battery instead of AA/AAA batteries
- no RAW/TIFF modes
- no manual focus
- bad multi-zone focus (only 3 zones to choose from)
- very bad red-eye reduction system
- bad image quality (I assume it is worse than s5000's)

I would choose s5000 over it anytime. So I guess now the only real concurent is Minolta DiMAGE Z1. Look forward to see a review on it.

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