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Default FUJIFILM 4700 ZOOM PROBLEM ... Please advise?

Can anyone please advise, I am asking this on behalf of a friend that owns the Fujifilm 4700 zoom. The problem seems to be that when there are dark shaded areas or night time photos taken, the digital pictures have lots of tiny white speckles scattered around the photo but only on the black areas of the picture, where there is some dark shade in the photo or just a night sky for e.g

This is not consistent as a few of the shots taken at night did not show any white speckles at all? The speckles are just white dots, and scattered around at random when the do apear.

Any advise would be great, or is this a known fault with this Fujifilm model? What can be done to resolve this problem?

Thank you. :roll:
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those white dots are more or less normal.
they appear when you use the flash at night. Dirt and dust in the air reflect the light of the flash and produce those white dots.
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Hi, I read quite a lot about this. It appears you can get a similar problem in bright sunlight at various angles as well. It's well known by the film people.

For digicam owners, there is instant fear it's dead pixels, but the spots move around, so that's not true. The problem for most of us, is you can't see them in post preview at the time, so it's a Photoshop edit session afterwards I'm afraid.
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Default Thanks for the great advice....

The biggest concern was that this was a problem with the chip. I will get back to you if anything is found out to be the cause, to advise other members (if there is a problem).


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