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Fujifilm has announced a firmware update for the Finepix S8000fd:

Download page for Firmware Version 1.01

The firmware (Ver.1.01) update incorporates the following issues.

1. Countermeasure for PC connection between the 4GB memory card inserted camera and PC on Windows Vista. Data transfer from PC to the camera has been enabled under usage of FinePixViewer.

2. Fix the issues in high speed continuous Shooting function when ISO sensitivity is set to "AUTO".

a. Exposure level shooting in low brightness condition has been corrected.(In some shooting condition, dark or black images are captured even in gloomy scenes.)

b. Miss description of ISO sensitivity on Exif tag has been corrected, when shooting at ISO640. (ISO sensitivity was recorded as "ISO64". mistakenly.)

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Could a "RAW" mode be added to the S8000 by means of an firmware update or is it more complicated than that?
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Probably, if they really wanted to. All digital cameras already shoot in raw (since raw is just the data as it comes from the sensor and A/D converter.

Many just don't save the raw file anywhere in the image processing pipeline. Some cameras even have raw modes that you can enable within hidden service menus.

For example, I've got a little Konica KD-510Z (a.k.a., Minolta G500) that has a hidden service menu for autofocus calibration and more that also includes a raw menu choice (probably for troubleshooting the sensor and/or A/D converter so they can see the data before it goes through the demosaic/compression process.

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A tip if I may...

I was about to undertake this, but thankfully doublechecked.

My camera already has firmware 1.01 (which is what the upgrade leaves you with...)

Make sure to check what you are currently running before upgrading.

You can do this by holding the disp/back button on the back of the camera down while hitting the on switch.

Considering that I bought this virtually on release and it was nonethless already upgraded, it may well be that few people need to go through this upgrade process.

Check first!
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