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My first foray with my second F-series camera (the first being an F11):


Perhaps a bit more noise than earlier models, but otherwise not much wrong with the F40.

-- dave

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agreed )
quite satisfied with my D47 dc :-)
(outdate, but on by birthday(spring 2008) i simply can't find alternatives in proper conditions(S700-S800 mostly(except two firm, where these models sold out all) presented by dammaged or badly repaired-refubished units and lines.(and new lmodellines, begining w F100 Big brother" and and bridge(and VERY COOL :-) S700 suscessors F1000 - too far from me :-)
but am still looking for additions-replacements in new model, especially bridge new one -) i found produced images truly amazing.

p.s. TTL metering - easily fooled in complex scenes-low lights and etc. (grayscale or sync light(dammaged led lamps or stroboscope like-triggered lightning-equipment)
especialy on landscape modes.
so, i advice to shots like yours(link in your post) to switch to average metering(and average AF too and use exp-AF-fix(hlf-press to acheve proper Exp, WB and AF and then, turning back to scene - push littly heavier on shutter button - with some practice you can prodice fotos, that beats every "autoshooted" pics
also turn off AF and illuminating lamp(thin not only help save battery(up to ~450 shoots), hevlp dc - avoid AF error in most cases[ironically :-]

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p.p.s. most serious disadvatages - barrel distorsion (&etc) not corrected by firmware, while dc's on same ic's and w similar lens - perfectly does this(previous model and updated other segment dc-s)
but not problem at all - thx to photoshop and etc(mb Fuji - includes similar features to software - bundled with digicam ?(like other filters) or even - fix firmware.)
anway - no other weakpoints

dreams about "normal color+fujichrome color" shoot twins, like "Natural ligt"+"flashshoot".

scalable performance also coool. looong avaited feats :-)

even such not critical features, as slideshow - qniquely properly designed.
im quite happy :-)
thx, fuji !!

p.p.p.s. anwaya, i plans to add some other fuji dc's to my collections, giving 47 to some really good people for some really good shoots, or saving as backup.

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