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Hi All,

I'm a newbie here and would want to get some tips in photographing people using my Fuji S9500. Can anyone suggest on what settings should I use if I want to take a close-up shot with BLURRED background??

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks heaps!

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The camera has a smaller sensor which makes it difficult to photograph with a shallow depth of field. Some people have commented that they use the Macro mode for their portrait shots and that this helps somewhat. Another tip would be to use as wide of an aperture as you possibly can.
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For my taste the Fuji cameras, includingmy old 2800 and now my S9500 (which I shoot in RAW mode) tend to really overdo the color, especiallythe reds, which makes for very unatural-looking flesh tones and lips. Don't shoot in chrome mode for sure, and be prepared during post-processing to really back off the red color saturation.

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I do it one of two ways on my S-9100

1.) portait mode and use the built in flash which helps cut down on the over redding of the flesh

2.) Apature mode set at f/s 8 which helps keep the subject from being blured.

Both have work for me when i needed to make head shots for ID badges.

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I put my S9100 in manual mode and use an off-camera flash (Sunpak Auto 383) for portraits to avoid redeye. I use the distance scale on the flash to determine aperture after setting the flash to the camera's ISO and I keep the shutter speed as high as possible - the S9100 will synch with an external flash up to 1/1000 sec. Setting the camera to ISO80 will allow maximum aperture keeping DOF as shallow as possible.
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