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View Poll Results: Would you like to see Lens Filter Adapters for S8000fd and S8100fd?
Yes & a Remote too 4 36.36%
Yes 2 18.18%
No 0 0%
Maybe (depends on price) 2 18.18%
Don't Care 3 27.27%
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Old Jan 27, 2008, 12:26 PM   #1
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First let me say that if anyone has a S8100fd let us know how it stacks up.
All I did was look over the Fujifilm websites and compare the data and features.

And Yep! Three months later and theres already a new version of it (S8000fd).

S8000fd, 8Mp, DigitalZoom 5.1x, 8F photosize=3264x2448
S8100fd, 10Mp, DigitalZoom 5.7x, 10F photosize=3648x2736

S8000fd, Dial Changes = SP1 & SP2
S8100fd, Dial Changes = SP & Zoom Bracketing

S8000fd, ISO/3200+=4Mp, Movies 30fps, 3 year warranty
S8100fd, ISO/3200+=5Mp, Movies 25fps, 2 year warranty

S8000fd, Top3=1.3fps, [email protected], [email protected]
S8100fd, Top3=1.1fps, Top33=6.8fps@5Mp, Top33HS=13.5fps@3MP

Ok so there are improvements for about half the existing specs.
Except the Warranty, Top33 # of frame per second is slower... and Movies are at 25fps.
And the AF Illuminator on/off feature is not mentioned now, so I'm not sure if they removed it...

I'd like to point out that the Website says 25fps for movies, but the brochure says 30fps...
Also the Website says it can take RAW format images, but the brochure makes no mention of this...

Have a look on the right side under "Quick Links" click "Data & Spec Sheets"

IMO, the SP2 on the dial was more useful then a Digital "Zoom Bracketing", because it appears to be a feature that I would never use.

Still no Shutter speed slower than 4 seconds, and no Remote or Lens Filter Adapter...

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Old Feb 10, 2008, 12:46 AM   #2
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Here's a quick update:
The S8100fd takes movies at 30fps not 25fps, and it does not take RAW Format Images.
Plus the staff at Fujifilm USA insist that it only has a "1 year limited warranty"...


I'm still incredulous that Fujifilm has no filter adapter or remote shutter for a camera of this caliber.
Especially when the competition that offers a similar high zoom camera also offers a filter adapter.

Here's the SLR-Like competition for Fujifilm Finepix S8000fd / S8100fd and if they offer a remote and/or filter adapter:
Canon PowerShot S5 IS * Offers Adapter [Lens Adapter & Hood LAH-DC20 (0301B001)]
Fujifilm Finepix S8000fd, S8100fd * None
GE (General Electric) X3 * Unknown but probably None
Kodak EASYSHARE Z712, Z812, Z8612, Z1012 IS * Offers Adapter [Lens Adapter (#8379166), & for Z8612IS = (#1143395)]
Olympus SP-550UZ, SP-560UZ, SP-570UZ * Offers Both [Remote Cable Release (RM-UC1), Lens Adapter Tube (CLA-10)]
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ8K/S, DMC-FZ8S, DMC-FZ18K/S * Offers Adapter [Conversion Lens Adapter (DMW-LA2, DMW-LA3)]
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H7, DSC-H9S * Actually comes with Both!!! (but it's a Sony and I'm biased against them)


Of course there are many companies that have missed the SLR-Like boat category.
SLR-Like = it's like a SLR with a high optical zoom of 10x or greater and extreme Macro functions, but the lens is not removable/exchangeable.
This SLR-Like category is the marriage of some SLR capability/looks and some Point-and-Shoot qualities which allows for a mid-priced camera with a wide range of uses.

Casio -Doesn't offer any similar SLR-Like cameras
Hasselblad -Doesn't offer any similar SLR-Like cameras
HP (Hewlett-Packard) -Doesn't offer any similar SLR-Like cameras
Leica -This website is 75% buggered, This website is DOA!!!
Mamiya -Doesn't offer any similar SLR-Like cameras
Nikon -Doesn't offer any similar SLR-Like cameras
Norcent -Doesn't offer any similar SLR-Like cameras
Pentax -Doesn't offer any similar SLR-Like cameras
Rollei -This website is 90% German (No Engrish), website is DOA!
Sanyo -Doesn't offer any similar SLR-Like cameras
Sigma -Doesn't offer any similar SLR-Like cameras
Vivitar -Doesn't offer any similar SLR-Like cameras

Companies not worth even looking at:
Adesso ??
Agfa -Dead
Creative ??
Contax -Dead (owned by Kyocera)
Digilife ??
evision ??
Finecam -Dead (owned by Kyocera)
Konica Minolta -Dead (owned by Sony)
Kyocera -Dead (only sells cameras in Japan...)
Lumicron ??
Mercury ??
Minolta -Dead (owned by Sony)
Mita -Dead (owned by Kyocera)
Mustek -This website is DOA!!!
Nytech ???
Premier ??
RCA -Dead
Remington ??
Ricoh -This website is 50% buggered, consider them DOA!
Samsung -This website is 100% buggered, This website is DOA!!!
Shark ??
Tekxon ??
Toshiba -Seems to be DOA, looks like 5-year-old camera tech.
Utronix ??
VistaQuest ??
Yashica -Dead (owned by Kyocera)

NOTE: If I can't Google their digital camera website by typing "CompanyName +Camera" well then they have missed out.
NOTE: If I can't see the website then they have more troubles then I want to learn about

The above statements I kept brief to the point of being blunt.
If you have a camera of that brand just remember my comments above are about their website and seeing as I looked-for/visited over 50 such sites today alone, I don't want to waste any more time on the sites that are broken, hence the heavy-handed comments I've typed today

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Old Feb 10, 2008, 11:57 PM   #3
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You make valid points. You may want to look at the fuji S-9100 as your camera if the filter option is important to you. The image quaility is very good at least for what I do it always works for me. It has 28 - 300mm zoom and a 58mm thread for filters. I usually only shoot at the 5MP setting but in 9MP ou can make 16 x 20 flawless prints. I did a few of those and they are great.

I think the 8000 and 8100 will appeal to some and to others they will want another type of camera. That is why Fuji makes several seroes of cameras. You should look at S-9100 and others and see if you can find what your looking for. Their are things with the S-9100 I wish it had but all in all I LOVE it.

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Old Feb 11, 2008, 2:07 PM   #4
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Having the s8000 and fairly happy with it, I don't see any reason for "upgrading" to the s8100 since the differences are slight. So it has two extra megapixels and few new features I would never use. Fuji decided to keep the same old sensor and non-filter factor as the s8000 If you don't really care about these changes, I would get the s8000 as it's a real bargain right now and with the $50.00 rebate good until March 1st , it's a steal.

My .02 cents

Waiting for reviews on the s100fs, looks like a winner
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Old Feb 23, 2008, 1:57 PM   #5
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I looked at the S9100 and it looks nice.

Then I went to the fujifilm website and I think its been replaced by the S100fs.

To confuse matters theres a S1000fd (at least it took me a moment to figure it out).
It appears to be a lower-zoom & cheaper version of the S8x00fd series and has nothing in common at all with the S9x00 series.

Anyways back to the S100fs...
+They've removed the pneumatic remote screw hole from the trigger, but it comes packaged with a USB remote (RR-80).
-The only problem I can see is that the S100fs doesn't take CF or microdrives anymore, it only takes SD/xD... (too bad about that downgrade).

Even so, I'm interested in reading a review of a S100fs by Steve...

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Old Feb 26, 2008, 1:12 PM   #6
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I don't necessarily think that moving from CF cards to SD cards is a downgrade. To me it seems to be more of a modernization of the camera. SD cards seem to be much more plentiful and less expensive than CF cards. And the zoom range is greater than that of the 9100.
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Old Feb 26, 2008, 10:41 PM   #7
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Hi jphess, I didn't mention the zoom on the S100fs because everything else is on par or better (spec-wise) than the S9100.
I'd only mentioned the minor one difference and the other I felt was a deviation from what they had been doing. Actually when I wrote downgrade I was thinking about the trade-off in terms of from CF to xD.
I do agree that the SD memory is less expensive, but I've worked with CF cards and I had found them faster than SD cards at the time.

On the other hand, I don't see why they couldn't have a CF / SD card slot...
Maybe Olympus has some xD card contract that says Fujifilm must pimp it like there's no tomorrow.

You know, I just don't have the patience some days to wait and wait for the photo to transfer from the camera's memory buffer to the memory card. So I guess I'm a speed freak, I just want to click the button and the picture is done. And it's not like the camera I bought in 1999 either, where I waited 10 seconds and the LCD screen only showed how many photos I could still take... all at a whopping 1.3 megapixels...
So yeh, pretty much any camera made in 2007/2008 looks like something from NASA.

Sigh. I guess I'm just going to have to fork out the big money for a high-end SLR.
But I actually like the FujiFilm design (the feel & the look), though you wouldn't know it from some of my comments lately.

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Old Feb 27, 2008, 11:47 AM   #8
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I guess I have become quite cynical about digital photography. I played around with film darkroom processing a little bit (really, a very little bit) and I think back to turning in a roll of film and having to wait two or three days to get the pictures back and often being disappointed with the processing results. And I compare that with today when I can go out and take 200 or 300 images and come back and process them the way I want them with very little waiting. Sure, it might take a few minutes to download the images. But have we become such an instantaneous bunch that even a few minutes cannot be tolerated. Maybe that's a critical issue for you, but it isn't for me.

The other issue that I won't even talk with anyone on the forums anymore is sharpness or noise. Digital photography doesn't seem to be about preserving memories. It's all about worrying about whether or not my camera has the least noise, and the sharpest image, and the best lens, and the most accurate color. And if every image is anything less than a masterpiece we have to go looking for something better.

This last Christmas my wife and I sorted through hundreds of old slides of our children. Some of them were more than 35 years old. And we had some old discolored prints that we wanted to combine with the slides to have photo albums printed for each of our daughters. We scanned all of the slides and photos. And I did all that I could to enhance them and make them as "perfect" as I possibly could. My wife wasn't completely satisfied with the results so she felt like she had to include a letter explaining why some of the images weren't as good as we would have liked. Our daughters read the letter and then opened the album to look at the pictures. From what the letter had indicated, they were expecting something close to a disaster. But all they could do is sit there and enjoy being able to look back over the years. They were overjoyed with what they had received. OK, I'm not a professional photographer so my perspective is probably a little messed up. But my feelings are that just about any camera today can take pictures that someone 50 years or a hundred years from now would be glad to have just to see what someone looked like or to see how life had changed over that time. Yes, I know I'm far too simplistic, but it's just photography. Enjoy it!

I'm not criticizing anyone, nor am I suggesting that anyone change their attitude or modify their workflow. I'm just voicing my feelings.
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Old Feb 27, 2008, 10:52 PM   #9
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Hey jphess, I never had the darkroom experience. And after your description I'd like to think it would've tempered me against being impatient.
And I agree that many people are impatient to get the download done.
For me it's the delays between taking of the pictures.

And it's funny I often think that any photo is 110% better than none when people talk down about some photos, especially older photographs...

I also agree about how people are critical about the image quality and their demand for an immediate oeuvres d'art ("works of art"). And I do believe a rock/canvas/glossy-paper will have a statue/painting/photo only as good as the sculpture/painter/photographer.

Hmm... sounds a little harsh after re-reading that last sentence, but I'm a ok with the lack of political correctness or empathy. Shrug!

As a long time Fujifilm digital camera user, I feel that (on Auto) the S3100 takes better low light photos at 4MP than the S8000 at 8MP.

(After rereading)

On the otherhand, I do believe I understand what you mean by "it's just photography. Enjoy it!"
And a thanks for the reminder.

You know those distortions in the low light photos sorta remind me of the static the old NODs and catseye scopes would give,
kind of like dancing snow-flakes at night, but that was about 20 years back...

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Old Feb 28, 2008, 10:41 AM   #10
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Yes it looks like the S-9100 has been replaced but the new replacemrnt camera refuses to use CF cards which is one MAJOR reason I will not upgrade anytime soon. I have a lot of CF cards and don't have any SD cards. With the way I shootI would need several SD cards so as long as the S-9100 keeps doing what its doing I see no reason to upgrade.

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