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I left my camera on the tripod for about 3 hours, the display exposed tothe sun. It got direct rays at about a 45 - 50 degree angle during that time.

The display is pitch black now. It still takes perfect pictures, but I have to stumble around by memory to do anything in the menu because you can forget about it by sight. It is black as the background of this forum.

common sense tells me the odds of this being a coincidence are lower than low, but I haven't turned up a single instance of this happeing through any searches. I would thik, also, that manufacturers would be hesitant to put out a product with a weakness like that.

I know it is a cheap old camera, but it was all I could bring myself to pay for after my Sony Cybershot DSC H1 was stolen. I loved that camera. I bought it the week they were relaesed paid nearly $1000 for it and tele,macro, leather case, tripod, filters yada yada.

I see where the cybershot isgoing for around $300 now. If I can't salvage this E500, maybe that will be all the excuse I need to get back into a H1 which I have mnever gotten over. Anyhow, any ideas on the problem and possible solution with the Fuji are welcome and much appreciated..
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Hmmm.... I must say, i've never heard of THIS before, but I suppose it could happen, I mean, same thing as in a car, hot summers day, it's warm inside of a car anyway, if it's a BLACK car, then it will be even warmer hence the rays striking the vehicle, and black car will absorb the rays, thus letting more heat into the vehicle, however a white vehicle, would reflect most rays, not letting as much heat in......... the screen on a digital camera is rather dark, its not BLACK but it's not white either, so I guess if so much of the suns rays get absorbed through the screen, what you think may have happened, may have actually happened!.

I guess you don't hear much of this happening all the time because most of the time a camera is around your neck, screen facing your shirt... thus the rays don't hit it, or the camera is in some type of bag. Or even in a pocket.

I'm not too sure what you could do about it. Contact the company and ask them about it maybe?
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A quick internet search will show that your problem is not unique. Not just with cameras but also portable game systems, DVD players even computer monitors that were exposed to an open window. The sun or heat of any kind will damage an LCD screen. You might be able to have it replaced but I doubt it would be cost efficient.

You said the camera still works right? And it has an optical viewfinder right? Until you get something else use the A/V cables and your TV (maybe even something portable if you have it) to change menu settings.
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