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salutes are new
a regard to everybody of the forum
Srivo to describe the problem on my Fuji S 7000 that you/he/she has been me given as a present when I/you/they have retired from two years.
The camera was already used by my friend that then you/he/she has given her me, I premise I am not a photographer professional, I only work with the camera in Automatic
from a few days when I go off a photo with any formulation the photo is composed of half photo the other half is white.
If I pass in the formality instead video it is everything ok.
If someone knows of the defect could you/he/she explain me what happens, is it perhaps the famous CCD? I don't see that the S7000 is in the list of the defective cameras.
Tell me something
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http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/2462984602 /

How can I do I have to clean the CCD or do I have to replace him/it?
where I can purchase the sensor CCD because I can also replace him/it me since I am a technician able to make the substitution
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It appears to be a well-known CCD problem. In the past Fuji has replaced the sensor, free of charge.

See http://www.fixya.com/support/t114852...artially_blank
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I thank you
I will now write immediately to the Fuji Italy and I will feel what they tell me
if the substitution of the ccd is that is in free guarantee
I will make you know
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I have precisely sent an email to the Fuji italy to the direct center of assistance Fuji
you/they have made me compile later the form of reparation and the day an email you/he/she has arrived to me with writing that I had to send the camera without telling me if they replaced the ccd in guarantee.
I have required then to Fuji to tell me with precision if the intervention is free in guarantee aspect one email of theirs now.
I attach you translated in English the email that you/they have sent me

Kind Client,

you/he/she should send the product not funzionante in the original wrapping
Without Accessories Or MEMORY CARD, to S.D.R. s.n.c.; tel. 039/6058294 Fax 039
6058295; 1 Cassignolo street angle street Ghiringhella Agrate Brianza, MI 20041.

In the houses there is burdens visible problems on the images, we invite her/it to
to send burdens photos explanatory of the problem list with an attached CD.
Inserts to sheet with his/her dates comprehensive of the telephone number and her
description of the problem.
You recommends an The packs anonymous, in which the content is not recognizable.

Being out the car guarantee, the costs of consignment and reparation
The ams in his name.
Before proceeding to the reparation the laboratory he/she will contact her/it for to
In the houses it didn't have to accept the estimate it will have to sustain of the however
expenses of estimate equal to 25 Europeans included ivas and the shipping and handling.
Naturally in the houses it had to accept the estimate such value it will be
taken away by the total expense.

The times of workmanship for the reparation of the product vary to second
of the found damage.

We advise to send the cameras with the original playpen but you pack
with to cardboard on which to point out the sender and the recipient. The cardboard
if possible it has to be closed with personalized adhesive ribbon (in
alternative should apply the labels with the indication of the sender
and recipient in correspondence of the openings of the neck)

Yours Sincerely

Fujifilm on line
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