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I would not put much faith into that P-80 review. The photos and comments on the P-80 over in the Nikon Forum at www.dpreview.com have been very positive indeed. Personally, I will wait for a few more reviews before I decide.

Sarah Joyce
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but anway, Nikon - properly, market-driven desgin P80 :-)
mixture of S700 and Z812 with bits of S8000 :-)
even Dial Weel here ]
i see a lack of DR on luma channels(whichi is not typical to Nikon), but chroma - very well reproduced. IMHO.
anway, reviewing engineering or test-show builds of hardware - leads nowhere.
keep wait and holds finger crossed :-)
p.s. with some hope, offf crse.
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Steve did a review late in May of the Nikon P80.
Bottom line - the Nikon Coolpix P80 is a bit of a mixed bag.

To be fair here's the one on the S8000fd.
Bottom line - FujiFilm's Finepix S8000fd is an appealing "Ultra-Zoom" digicam.

Previously I compared the P80 to last years S8000fd, and here's an update:
NOTE: The Lenses are actually the same rating F1:2.8-4.5

P80 vs S8000fd
Li-ion vs AAx4 -Batterys
250 vs 500 -Number of pictures per battery charge
50MB vs 58MB -Internal Memory

10mp vs 8mp -Mega Pixel Size
2 dials vs 1 dial -Number of Dials
9 modes vs 13 modes -Number of Preprogrammed Modes

Mechanical vs Mechanical & High sensitivity -Image Stabalization Systems
2.7" vs 2.5" -LCD Screen Size
BUT both are 230000 pixel so that means the P80 would have less pixels per inch...

Since the superzooms compete at the bottom end of the SLRs, I feel that ultimately both the P80 and S8000fd are lagging behind all the competition!
Even the Sony superzoom comes with the lens adapter and the remote...

But don't take my opinion, compare some other superzooms and decide for yourself:

Olympus SP-570 UZ

Olympus SP-560 UZ

Panasonic's Lumix DMC-FZ18

Canon PowerShot S5 IS

Sony DSC-H9

I believe that Fuji & Nikon have intentionaly designed their superzooms to never be good enough to compete directly with their existing DSLR lines.
If only they pulled their heads out of their sandboxes long enough to see what the competition was up to, they might've been a contender.
They must bank on people buying them based on brand-name alone, and yes, I'm guilty of doing exactly that when I bought the S8000fd.

From a marketing perspective the P80 is sadly an inobservant reverse-engineering rip of competing superzooms that came out several generations ago.
When the P80 was out the S8100fd/SP-570UZ and S100fd have both arrived.
And yes I agree that the P80 appears to be based on S700/SP-550UZ.
I just expected some leading edge technology, and higher standards and quality from Nikon.

But it has made me take a serious look at other brand cameras like this PENTAX K200D

Ultimately how happy a person is with any particular camera is just a matter of perspective. Just as what a person wants for in features of a camera is their perspective too.
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direct comparsion - incorrect, because, different accent in DC's design, but i agree, Fuji - shoots better(in most cases).
depend customer requirements.
need a little quicker acces and-or usable Auto mode ? buy Nikon.
if only RESULT defines - buy Fuji.
and etc.

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I'm not 100% on what SkyShoot is saying here:

direct comparsion - incorrect, because, different accent in DC's design
+ A comparison of the battery life (#ofPics/Charge) is information
from CIPA standard testing.

+ A comparison of the batteries (based on the external design) is very relevant because, "proprietary batteries exclude the ability to use of any type of "off the shelf" battery" like AA-size.
And "for the same price of a proprietary battery you can get a rapid charger and two sets of the high power AA type NiMH batteries."
(Note: in quotations above are from Steve's DigiCam review of the S8000fd)

Of course if you did not mean DC batteries, but meant the overall design then:

+ A comparison of the overall design is nothing more then a bunch of engineering specifications that ultimately inform as to the costs, usage, , etc...

So I think that comparing the designs in a general way is relevant because it demonstrates the initial and long term costs, user-demanded features, and possible overall acceptability.

Just have a look-back at the VHS and Beta "wars"...

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i mean, some people, wants some other thing form products, the buys, so hard to create product "for evertyone".
so Fuji and Nikon(for example) - acctract quite different cunsomer :-)
Yeah, Fuji perform better, but for some people, some other things, some feats - more critical, aside of how strange sometimes it might look ;P)
like addicted to weel-control and-or Nikon menu :-)

p.s. i shot Fuji, but understand Nikon consumer very well |p:-)

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I agree that it is hard to create products that will please everybody.
Grab a coffee, or a pillow, I appear to have written a small trilogy below.

User demanded features, well I'm sure that the people at Olympus would say the proof is in the pudding.
Look at the accessories for Olympus SP-550 UZ / SP-560 UZ / SP-570 UZ
Lens Adapters and Remotes are a must have and user demanded accessories for any digital camera that has the ability to zoom at 14x or more. (imho)
Too bad Olympus is only selling these cameras with the xD card slot...
Anyways the other companies that make superzooms offer or pack-in lens adapters and remotes, except the two companies below...

The complaint against Fujifilm stems from their history of developing the Superzoom and what they established as normal features for such.
The FinePix Superzoom series had lens adapters and would shoot in RAW format.

I wish I'd taken a screenshot of the fujifilm S8000fd webpage because in Oct 2007 they had (under the file format section) listed on it's own line "RAW, AVI".
And after I'd bought the S8000fd I felt that this was dirty marketing, and I complained to Fujifilm a lot.
Now they have it listed as "AVI (Motion JPEG) with sound"...

It also stems from the fact that many companies are now offering superzooms and they all have a lens adapter, most now have a remote too.
Heck even my S3100 from 4 or 5 years back came with a lens adapter.
And so even a company like Sony, who I consider an outsider to the camera world, (and have seen them in electronics cut as many corners as possible), but they state that their cameras have user demanded features... these Sony superzooms actually come with lens adapters and remote.

The complaint against Nikon is that they are well established and are known to have high quality products.
They are really, really, really late to arrive into the Superzoom scene.

BUT, Nikon's late arrival didn't matter, because the assumption is that Nikon is the one camera company that could, and would, look at what other companies are doing, look at those companies mistakes, and draw upon their decades of camera and lens development and then knock our socks off with a Super-Superzoom.

Instead the P80 is a joke because it is nothing more than something-like a repackaged Fujifilm S700 with a overcharged CCD to produce some less than "Nikon" high-quality images.
And so the P80 appears to be 1 or 2 Superzoom generations behind the competition.

The only logical reason why Nikon would try to sell a crippled old tech camera like this is if they wanted to ensure that there would be no way for it to compete with their established DSLR lines.

Another explanation could be if Nikon has contracted out to another company...
Much like Leica Digilux 4.3 is a re-badged, re-cased Fujifilm 4700Z, and affordable Leica cameras are Panasonic (Matsushita) brand, and that Sony = Zeiss.

Then there is Nikon's new marketing techniques...
Releasing the P80 in the USA a couple months before releasing it in Canada.
Telling Canadians that the P80 isn't out for sale yet anywhere, when it is for sale in the USA (and had been for a month).
Selling the P80 for $150 - $200+ more in Canada! At the time the Canadian dollar was worth more or on Par with the US dollar...
Yes I live about 45 minutes away from the US/Can border, but it's not the cost but the message that Nikon is sending out.

The message Nikon has sent is crystal clear, Nikon want's to only sell in the USA.

I believe SkyShoot is saying that people will just blindly buy based on the brand like Ford Pinto "the barbecue that seats four".
I also agree that some people are brand-centric and must have the Nikon double wheel or menu system, or the ergonomically comfortable feel to Fujifilm cameras.
With Nikon's P80 now directly competing with Fujifilm's S8000fd, they are now both trying to attract the same customer.

So for those brand-centric people I'd say, "there's a sucker/customer born every minute." (P.T. Barnum)

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no, i mean, thinking model, that drives, decisions-making logic in many customer of digicam - is very, really VERY complex, and consist not only technical specs and-or resulted pic's quality, kinestetic "look&feel" approach, and dalta-factors between them(and others) and more deeper andlogs of listed(and unlisted) vectors-waves.

in short: someone just buy something other than most. and trying to catch bigger market - can result older positions loss. ironically. why so marketing-driving(and sadly, even opressions) to digicam design, must me limited somewhere.
i truly respect Fuji "dont't breoke something, thats really worked"-approach to digicam design, bot exterior and overrall. and pictures - too :-)

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